As, stated in lecture 8 of Boston University’s ES 144 class,the earth system is composed of three major components; the climate system, theplate-tectonic system, and the geodynamo system. The climate system involvesinteractions in the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the biosphere;the plate-tectonic system involves interactions within the lithosphere, the asthenosphere,and the deep mantle; and the geodynamo system involves interaction within theouter core and the inner core.            The oceanplays a major role in all major components of the earths system. Without theocean itself, water would not be evaporated into the atmosphere.

This wouldeliminate the water cycle as well as life on earth. Without the oceanic crustand its tectonic plates converging with each other, no ridges on earth wouldhave been made, eliminating the plate-tectonic system. Without the ocean theearth has no system.

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Without the ocean the earth has no life. That is why theocean has such a major role in our planets dynamic model.


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