In be bullied verbally, socially, physically, or

Intoday’s school system, becoming the target of a bully is every student’snightmare.

Bullying is the act of using strength or power to intimidate or harmsomeone or something weaker. Currently, “between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 U.S.students say they have been bullied at school” (“Facts About Bullying”, StopBullying). This has posed as a large problem for our society and culture as awhole. Bullying comes in different forms and can have lasting effects on itsvictims.

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            Students can be bullied verbally,socially, physically, or electronically. The most typical form of bullying isverbal. After name-calling, social bullying is the second most common kind ofbullying. Students frequently participate in social bullying unconsciously.This can happen when students are bystanders in bulling and do not intervene.

Physical bullying is the third most prevalent form of harassment with 32percent of middle schools students being subjected to pushing or shoving. Cyberbullying happens the least and is the most difficult to notice, as it occursover social media and electronic messages. (“Facts About Bullying”, StopBullying)            Bullying leaves long lasting on itssufferers and can increase the risk of suicide in young people. “Researchindicates that persistent bullying can lead to or worsen feelings of isolation,rejection, exclusion, and despair” (“Facts About Bullying”, Stop Bullying).Students who are bullied in school carry self-esteem issues with them intoadulthood. Students that Identify as LGBTQ are at an increased risk of beingattacked by bullies.

People condemning their sexual orientation can drive thesestudents to suicide attempts.             The current state of the educationalsystem allows for the mistreatment of innocent students. There are no methodsfully effective in stopping bullying and it is technically legal unless someonereports it. Given these circumstances, it is imperative that educators unite tofind a solution to bullying and its consequences.            


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