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8 days have passed since my last post.It feels like it’s been 2.Crap.Have you ever realized how short 10 years is? Sounds wierd, right?”That’s a long time, Suppid! What are you taking about?”Think about it. This year will be over faster than you think. 2019 will roll around and most will say “Where’d the time go?” The time didn’t really go anywhere and I’m really bad at making up philosophical stuff so I’m gonna say that the time was most likely wasted doing either things you absolutely hated or nothing at all.Imagine this, you have to wait in a doctor’s office for an hour to get a check up or something. “Welp, this is gonna be sucky and boring.” you think to yourself. But once that hour is up, it’s over. You just sat in a room for an hour doing nothing but waiting for a doctor to put a cold metal thing on your chest and listen to your insides just to tell you that you’re healthy but you should lose a few pounds or some crap like this.Time isn’t replacable, don’t forget that. The time you’re spending reading this could be time that you’re doing something else.Do things you wanna do. Be with people you enjoy being with. Don’t let peeps get ya down, no matter what. If they’re main goal seems to be to make you feel like trash, that’s their time wasted, not yours.We die. It’s a sad fact that we all gotta come to terms with at some point. Just moments before writing this, I thought about whether or not my life would be different in 10 years. And considering where I’m living and that I can’t get a decent job around here, I don’t see anything changing.Just think about where you’ll be in 10 years. It’s a common thing that teachers and parents will say, but honestly think about it.Oh, by the way, in 10 years it’ll be 2028. I’m sure a lot of people grew up being told that 2028 would be super far off in the future. But the super far off future is starting to become the super close present.Don’t waste your time, guys. Do something with your life and don’t be as glum as I am.And here’s the generic yet motivational gifs that’ll maybe get someone pumped up to do something.Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of nothing do get back to doing.BYE


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