There washing machines”(Greywater action).Greywater helps the plants soil

There are two types of water .

First white water the one we drink.The second blackwater and now black is toilet water.Last greywater is where washing machines use and sinks.Greywater  can be also use for plants.

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Why plants because grey water has nutrients that plants like.                    Where can you get grey water?Well we can get Greywater  from sinks,washing machine,and bathtubs.”Greywater can be easily  accessed from bathroom sinks,shower,tubs and washing machines”(Greywater action).Greywater helps the plants soil and makes the plants itself live longer.When using grey water from the  washing machine,it cannot have salt,boron or chlorine bleach.

Also do not store greywater up to 24 hours because it creates an odor.                         Greywater may look dirty but it actually good for plants.”While greywater may look dirty but it is actually a method that is the best for your plants”(Greywater action).

The plants that work best with grey water  are fruit trees like citrus and berries,roses,shrubs,ornamental trees,lawns,yuccas,hibiscus and dietes.”Plants that are best for the greywater method are yuccas,hibiscus,dietes,fruit trees and etc”(Acs Garden).Plants that don’t work with greywater are herbs,fern and lavender.”Plants that are not the best or cannot be used for greywater is lavender,fern.herbs and etc”(Acs Garden).For best results in using the greywater method use mature plants.

                   Greywater may get confused with blackwater.Blackwater is a substance with feces,urine and disease.Blackwater is toilet water. Greywater is unharmful.”Blackwater is  a waste that contains urine and feces”(Acs Garden).If u do use blackwater I think will harm the plant,not making it grow but die.

                   In conclusion, greywater


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