7 different watch bands made of leather, chain

Style accessories for men

When we talk about
clothes, fashion accessories and colors to wear, men really have fewer options
as compare to women. They always have to pick from that limited variety but as
a matter of fact it’s not important to have a huge variety of outfits, colors
and accessories to look good. In fact it depends on carrying yourself elegantly
and with a stylish touch.

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Whatever you wear or
whatever you carry, it must be done tastefully. Your taste will differentiate
your personality from rest of the men. For some people it is really difficult
or a time wasting process, so they just focus on having a jeans, trousers or
shirt and ignore the accessories. Unfortunately, many men do not give any
consideration to fashion accessories which can surely distinguish them among
others and can be their style icon.

Whether you wear formal
or informal outfits, there are some necessary accessories for you to wear.
Although fashion keeps changing but some specific accessories always stay
static. So never misjudge the power of fashion accessories.

Out of a large number
we’ve selected 7 essential accessories for you to own, carry and wear:


A huge variety of wrist
watches are available in the market. Analogue, digital or chronograph, pick the
right one according to your personality and outfit you wear. You can also
select different watch bands made of leather, chain and plastic to enhance the
overall look of your watch.

It is not necessary to
purchase only an expensive Swiss watch to make an impression. You can wear
other available brands but the thing must be kept in mind is that your watch
should be functional and eye catching. It reflects that you are punctual and a
tasteful person. Although you can look at the time on your mobile phone screen
but having a wrist watch can never be old fashioned.


A good wallet is a
must. Luckily you don’t have to worry about brands when it comes to purchasing
a wallet. Just buy a good quality wallet that is not slim or too cheap. Leather
wallets always add on grace. Don’t put each and every piece of paper or card in
your wallet because too bulky wallets are not good looking.


Having a pen in your
pocket surely gives you a gentleman’s touch. It shows that you are always well
prepared for anything. You can choose your pen from a huge variety depending
upon your desire to look elegant, formal or casual. A good pen upgrades your
outfit or your office table because having a good looking quality pen tells a
lot about your personality besides giving you a good writing experience.
Fountain pen, ball pen or pointer, that’s your pick because having comfort and good
hand writing are also important. Pen can also be customized with your name,
signature, designation or anything you want written on it for the purpose of
getting prominence.


Whether you are going
to office, university, gym or travel a bag is required not only to carry all
your random stuff but to give you a style walk while you are holding it in your
hand or carrying on the shoulder. Men carry different types of bags made of
different material like laptop bag, messenger bag, backpack, satchel bag and
travel bag but the element of style should never be ignored because a good
quality stylish bag will surely enhance you overall look.


It’s an essential
accessory whether you wear formal or an informal outfit. A pant without belt
really doesn’t give a good look. You can wear woven belts with your informal
outfit and for a stylish formal look you should wear a leather belt. Just don’t
forget the rule to match the belt with your shoes. If you are wearing black
shoes then wear a black belt and vice versa.


Basic purpose for
making sunglasses was to protect your eyes from sunlight, but nowadays we can
see a number of people and even celebrities wear sunglasses in evening or night
functions. It is just because sunglasses really make you look cool. Maybe
that’s not proven by science but there’s no doubt that you look really cool if
you are wearing good glasses according to your face size and shape.


Technology has its
influence on each and every aspect of our lives even on style. Large number of
people all around the world is into vaping. If you are health conscious then
you can try e-juices with zero level of nicotine. There’s a huge variety of
e-cigarettes ranging from traditional vape pen to box mods are available in
markets. So you choose the right vape device according to your desire, formal
or informal appearance or your smoking experience.

E-liquid or e-juice
produces ‘vapor’, an aerosol when it is heated up through battery generated
power. So it doesn’t make any fire, ash, smoke or bad odor. You can also try
different flavors of e-juices; ultimately it will give you a cool look with the
taste of some good flavor. Many people vape only to make different shapes
through the vapor. So it is now a cool looking sport activity as well.

So now you know the
importance of some major style accessories that you should own, wear and carry
wherever you go, whatever you do; just stay cool.


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