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?AcknowledgementIn the name of Allah The Most Merciful the most Beneficent, First of all I am grateful to Almighty ALLAH Whose Blessings upon me are endless and without Whom permission I cannot exhale the air, we inhale.

I would like to thank my respected teachers who taught me during this session of CHRP certification and provide an excellent overview of Human Resource Functions with practical implementation. I am sure this will definitely sharpen my skillset and will play a constructive role in improving my current working. I would also like to thank all my batch mates who assisted me time to time during various phases of this certification. After meticulous study and series of answers and questions session, I am glad to complete my project report on the topic of Training and Development. Table of ContentsS. No Details Page No.

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1 Executive Summary 032 Introduction 05-063 Human Resource Management 07-084 Benefits and Challenges of HRM 08-095 Training and Development 10-116 Training and Development in UOL 12-187 Training Need Analysis 18-198 Methods of Training 209 Employee Career Development Template 2110 Gap Analysis 2211 Recommendations 22-2312 Conclusion/ References 23Executive SummaryIn a world full of competition Human Resource Management is a field that is growing and emerging day by day. Some years ago people use it merely for administrative purposes but now we cannot imagine a success of business without Human Resource. HR is primary responsible for management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and procedures. Same like this report focuses on basic domains of human resource that many organizations are currently practicing but prime focus of this report will be on Training and Development domain of The University of Lahore. The main objective is to find out general practices that organizations should use to train and develop the people for future assignments and responsibilities. This report will cover all the main training activities that The University of Lahore is currently following and we will try to make a gap analysis in the end. Effective training and development activities result in improved organizational outcomes through people development.

Training is expensive. Without training it is more expensive -Jawaharlal NehruTIntroductionhe University of Lahore is a largest private sector University located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded at collegiate level in 1999 under the banner of IBADAT Educational Trust and was granted full degree awarding status in 2002.

Subjects include Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences. All programs are duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and government regulatory bodies in Pakistan. It is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Bar Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Nursing Council, National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan etc.The University of Lahore (UOL) has 3 campuses in Lahore, 1 campus in Islamabad and one each in Sargodha, Pakpattan and Gujarat. The University has also achieved the highest W4 category ranking with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The University of Lahore is ranked within 500 positions amongst the Top 1000 Universities of the World by QS-2018 Ranking and at 251st position by Asian University Rankings-2017. The University of Lahore has 7 campuses, 11 academic faculties, 35 academic departments, 3 technology parks, 2 research centers, Alumni network of 23000+, and 200+ degree programs and teaches 3,500+ courses.

The Total Student Body in all campuses comes to around 36,935+Ambition is high-quality graduates who are practically skilled to enter in the world of work. The academic standards are high and we believe in encouraging independent thought driven by creativity and critical insight. We believe that internationalization is an important step towards ensuring that experiences are shared both academically and intellectually. We also have the largest international community in a private sector university with students from 15 different countries currently enrolled with us.

The University of Lahore welcomes International Students from different countries and has in recent years attracted students from Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Turkey, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Jordan, UAE and Uganda amongst others. Foreign seats are available in Degree Programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, English language and Literature.Introduction- Training and Development Training can be simply defined as an organization’s planned effort to facilitate employee’s learning of job related competencies. Training and development is one of the vital functions of Human Resource Management. It is sole responsibility of Human Resource department to develop employee’s skills and providing them trainings to do job related tasks easily. Helps employee’s to do their current jobs. Development can be defined as formal education, experiences, assessments and relationships of personality and abilities that help employees to prepare for the future. Helps employee’s to handle future responsibilities.

BackgroundThe University of Lahore founded in 1999 by Mr. M A Raoof, under the banner of the Ibadat Educational Trust, and it has created its name in the field of higher education and is regarded as one of the premier private sector university in Pakistan. In recent years The University of Lahore has seen significant organic growth. The student body has amazingly increased to 35,000 plus. This project report is essentially required for the certification of Certified Human Resource Professional.

This will include all the key learning points that were covered during this certification program.Objectives of the StudyThe primary objective of the study is to evaluate effectiveness of the training and development programs that are being conducted in The University of Lahore. In addition, also want to know what kinds of activities are taken place relating to employee development programs under the Training and Development of The University of Lahore. In short we are going to identify the gaps and try to bridge them with appropriate techniques accordingly.MethodologyThe data and information for this project report has been taken from various sources.

That includes The University of Lahore official site, its prospectus, Wikipedia, Human Resource book and different links that will be provided at the end of this report. This report will cover basic background information of UOL, brief introduction of training and development domain and same domain of The University of Lahore in particular. At the end we will try to identify gaps in training methods and recommend suggestions to overcome these barriers. Human Resource Management (HRM)The process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety and fairness concerns.

The Human Resource Department of the University of Lahore is working independently and functioning effectively for Hiring, Promotions, Position classification, Grading, Salary determination, Attendance monitoring, personal data entry, records maintenance, policy developments, employee’s assistance, employee’s compensations and leave allocations.HR is keen to help and provide proper counseling to all UOL staff members (faculty/non faculty) and introduce procedures and policies to newly recruited staff members. Its mission is to reduce the staff turnover in the organization and increase comfort level of each and every staff member.

Trainings, Motivational Sessions ; Appraisals have always been our great traits for achieving our mission. HR department is currently operational at SAP and different legacy systems simultaneously.Introduction:Human resource management is a process of bringing people and organization together so that the goals of each are met. It tries to secure the best from people by winning their whole hearted cooperation. In short, it defined as the art of procuring, developing and maintaining competent workforce to achieve the goals of an organization in an effective and efficient manner.Why name human resource management? Human: refer to the skilled workforce in the organization.Resource: refer to limited availability or scarce.

Management: refer to make best use of limited and a scarce resourceWhat do HR Managers Do? Human Resource professionals create systems for managing employees that support an organization’s overall strategy. To accomplish this they• Analyze and design jobs.This process starts with the needs analysis of new positions. There are three outcomes of job analysis.

First one is write effective job descriptions, second is job specifications and last but not the least is job evaluation. Job evaluation is a process of ordering/ ranking the jobs with respect to their value or worth.• Forecast supply and demand for workers.In human resource planning two concepts are very important. First is HR demand forecast and other is supply forecast. Demand forecast is a process of determining the right type of people in the right number.

And supply forecast means whether we are in a position to induct the required number of employees for the specific future time. • Ensure legal policies.In some organizations there are IR specialists who done this task for the organizations. But in this modern era human resource is now responsible for compliance issues.

Organizations are now hiring human resource personnel with expertise in these areas. • Implement affirmative action plans.An affirmative action plan or AAP is an implementation of policies, procedures and systems that contractors make sure to be in accordance with agreed conditions.

It encompasses the fair and equal workforce should be present in business.• Recruit and select candidates to fill open positions.Recruitment and selection is an important function of human resource management. HR department should be the custodian of R&S domain. When there are vacancies available in any of the departments, human resource department starts screening of applicants. After recruitment process there is a pool of cvs and selection is one step ahead. Selection is a process of picking up candidates that best suited for the position. • Train and develop employees to meet current and future job demands.

Training is essential to develop the skills of employees and workers. It must be noted that sometimes training will not be the best intervention. Training will not be appropriate when the performance issue is can’t do issue. Development means permanent change in human capabilities that is not a result of growth processes.• Manage employee performance and career progress.Human resource department take a lead on developing careers plans or PDP’s for employees.

Employee performance can be raised through various techniques. The most common is performance appraisal. But remember the purpose of PA should be employee development. Managers should state clear career paths to employees and explain the way they can have it effectively.• Develop basic pay structures.Pay structures and grades is categorized under comp and ben domain.

It is a separate domain in HR taking care of employees extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Intrinsic rewards are psychological benefits received for performing the jobs. And extrinsic can be classifies in two categories, core compensation and benefits. Core compensation includes base pay, merit pay, cola, incentive pay, skilled based pay etc.

Moreover benefits can be legally required and discretionary benefits.• Create incentive plans. Many organizations pay incentives or bonuses to their employees apart from normal salaries. These could be against good performance, target completion, securing a big project etc. The role of HR is to effectively determine these plans and evaluate bi-annually. • Assure employees safety and health.

Many organizations are proving health facilities to their employees and their dependents. Same like University of Lahore has its own hospital located at main campus. Employee can avail fifty percent discount of all kind of treatment.

There is a discount of medicine of ten percent as well. University of Lahore is trying its best to take more hospitals on board as well to facilitate their employees in fullest.• Improve employee morale.Employees are now more concerned with intrinsic rewards. Work life balance, equal opportunities for promotions and recognition are some of the factors that improve employee morale. Apart from that HR is continuously conducting different motivational tasks to boost the morale of employees.

• Reduce turnover and carry out disciplinary actions.The biggest challenge for HR professionals is now attracting and retaining talent. In order to reduce employee turnover HR department can focus on the following: Employer branding Analyze the age of employees Initiate career development plans Online methods of employee learning like LMS Encourage life-long learning to renew skills and keep them updated Work life balance Incorporate programs for knowledge management Identify high potential candidates for future assignments.Challenges to Human Resource ProfessionalsThese are some of the challenges facing by organizations.• Attracting talent• Managing talent• Sustainable leadership development• Employee morale and engagement• Succession planning• Change management• Retrenchment initiatives• Employee retention challenges • Worker productivity• Quality improvement • The changing attitudes of workforce • The impact of the government • Quality of work-life • Technology and Training Training and DevelopmentTraining and development played a pivotal role in development of any organization through enhancing skills of employees. Most of the companies operating abroad are heavily investing on training programs to prepare employees for the future assignments.

It is said investment on human capital will give higher returns than investment in fixed assets.Some of the key benefits of training and development programs to the organizations are summarized below:1. Enhancement of skillsetEvery individual need training so they can perform their tasks in an excellent manner. The concept of job rotation and job enlargement will facilitate employees to prepare for future needs.

2. Employee motivational toolsAnother benefit of employee’s trainings is boosting their morale and motivational level. Motivation level can be up through various techniques like giving ownership of tasks, giving them decision making power, enhancing interpersonal effectiveness etc. If the employee is motivated he can reciprocate this thing and as a result there will be positive vibes comes around.3.

Succession planningIt is natural psychology of people that every individual move to upward positions. With the help of trainings and different leadership programs organizations can identify HIPO’s. After that they will be prepared for future positions to cope up with the challenges and responsibilities of those positions. 4.

Better productivityProductivity can be increased if the employees are trained through various programs on the job and off the job activities. Similarly we can increase the efficiency level of employees by developing their skills.5. Employee retentionEmployee turnover can be decreased if we show them career paths or career ladders. When an employee is rewarded for his or her task, he is motivated and try to do more better while staying on the job. It is the duty of HR personnel to ensure that their employees are main and important assets.

Staffing recruitment and retention is a burning issue of the current era. Now question arises, is it necessary for organizations to invest on T&D domain?The answer is yes because there are several benefits associated with it both for organizations and individual as well. These are:• Help new comers to provide with basic background information• Improve productivity• Maintaining high standards of customer service• Address changes in legislation• Technological improvements• Customers demand new products and services• Individual career management plans• Support employee promotion and progression.It must be noted that training will not be a best intervention when performance issue is a won’t do issue.

These are the symptoms where training can’t help:• Recruiting, selection and compensation problems• Policies and procedures issues• Lack of coaching and feedback• Insufficient tools, resources and equipment• Poor job design• Poor management.Training and Development at the University of LahoreSince University of Lahore is a largest private sector university in Pakistan. After its incorporation it has seen and observed aggressive exponential growth. It was started initially at a collegiate level but later on expanded all over Pakistan. There is huge number of employees working in University of Lahore. It has become a biggest employment provider organization now.

There are around 7,000 employees working in head office as well as remote campuses. Keeping its structure and massive growth in consideration, it was decided to establish proper Human Resource Department in The University of Lahore. Before that Registrar office is taking care of these mere processes in support with MIS department of UoL. HR is taking care of these main functions of in University of Lahore so far. They are given below:• Recruitment and SelectionThe Recruitment and Selection policy provides an outline and framework of an employee hiring which involves processes, steps, approvals and practices (professional and ethical) at “The University of Lahore”. Human Resource Department being custodian of “Recruitment and Selection” function is responsible for hiring in following domains.

Faculty Visiting Faculty Administrative Staff Management Trainee Officers Blue Collars (Housekeeping, Security, Repairing and Maintenance etc.)• Organizational DevelopmentOrganizational Development is a process of increasing organizational effectiveness through planned change in systems and peoples behaviors. Job Analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job. The immediate products of this analysis are job description and job specification. Job analysis involves following steps: • Collecting and recording job information • Checking the job information for accuracy • Writing job description based on information • Using the information to determine the skill, abilities and knowledge • Updating the information from time to time.There are three outcomes of job analysis.

First is job descriptions, second is job specifications and last is job evaluation.Organizational ManagementHR department is functional on SAP. So there is a proper module of organizational management. It is being used for managing organizational structure, developing reporting lines and creating positions/ designations etc. Before hiring of new employees on system it is mandatory to create their positions on system.

Compensation and Benefit domainCompensation is the remuneration received by an employee in return for their contribution to the organization. It is an organized practice that involves balancing the work- employee relation by providing monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees. Compensation is an integral part of human resource management which helps in motivating the employees and improving organizational effectiveness. In extrinsic rewards University is Lahore is proving monthly salaries to their employees. Gross salary is clubbed into Basic salary plus medical allowance. As far as the deductions are concerned; these are the following types of deductions.

1. Income tax 2. EOBI 3. Leave without pay 4. Other deduction. Apart from extrinsic benefits there are some intrinsic benefits as well like facility of gyms and pools, work life balance, employee recognition etc.Training and DevelopmentTraining and development domain is fully operational in The University of Lahore.

Initially it was outsources to one of the training and consulting company. Human resource department’s role was only coordination at that time. But there was an understanding that Human Resource department build his capacity to carry out these activities on their own without any external support. Now Human Resource department is solely responsible for this domain.

Under the banner of T;D domain following initiatives/activities are being carried out.1. New Employees Orientationa. White Collar Staffb. Blue Collar Staff2. Values at Worka. White Collar Staffb. Blue Collar Staff3.

Better Together/ Away Daysa. Green Fields Country Club4. Faculty Development Programs5. Women Leadership Programs6. Youth Leadership Programs7. Remote Campuses Training Programs8.

Employee Facilitation Visit-RRC Campus.New Employees OrientationNew employee’s orientation is conducted for new employees who have joined us at University of Lahore recently. This orientation is conducted for both white collar and blue collar staff. Before going into the details of this it is better to have some understanding about white and blue collar staff.

White collar staff:Includes all faculty members like junior lecturers, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, professors, research associates and lab engineers and all administrative staff from administrative assistant to directors or head of the department. Blue Collar Staff:It includes janitorial staff and D category staff like security guards, attendants, messengers, office assistant and all venues booking staff.This process starts from collecting data of new employees for a particular month.

After words they are invited to attend NEO session both on emails and calls. In case of new employees orientation emails were forwarded to respective admin staff keeping their HOD’s in copy. This session starts with the recitation of Holy Quran and then their will one or two ice breaking activities. The purpose of these sessions is to feel new employees comfortable with their new organization.

Human resource manager presents different HR policies and procedures to new recruits. The facilitator then elaborates the organizational values that were decided in consultation with Chairman BOG and then there were different gamification activities like scenario based campaign, toy mystery and glass tower activities followed by organizational values. In the end there will be a premises tour and then facilitator ends this session by concluding remarks.Values at WorkValues at work sessions are particularly designed for existing employees. The reason behind this was when new employee’s orientation was conducted of two or more batches it was felt at that time that there is a dire need of inculcate these values in existing staff also.

So there are many batches who have trained on these values. We will make sure one thing that the one who has attended this session tries to inject these organizational values to in to others.This exercise is also conducted for both white collar and blue collar staff. There is a little bit difference of content and activities between new employee’s orientation and values at work sessions.

Employees were selected through cross functional departments and there is a mix of faculty and staff to maintain diversity. The purpose of including blue collar staff in these sessions is to make them realize that they are equally important for the organization as others are. White collar staff:Includes all faculty members like junior lecturers, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, professors, research associates and lab engineers and all administrative staff from administrative assistant to directors or head of the department.

Blue Collar Staff:It includes janitorial staff and D category staff like security guards, attendants, messengers, office assistant and all venues booking staff.Better Together/ Away DaysThe purpose of this activity is to take employees away from their hectic and boring routine life. Neutral venues are selected for this workshop mostly Green Fields Country Club. This workshop is more fun related as it includes different activities like pool activities, flag making activities and treasure hunt.

It will be a full day activity with full of entertainment. HR department is responsible for all the coordination of this activity from nominating employees till return at university premises. It covers all cadre employees from office boy to head of the department.

Some of the glimpses of these activities are included in the video played at the end of the session. Initially green fields country club is taken on board for away days later on it will be expanded to Nathia Gali with the theme of Better Together 2.Faculty Development ProgramsFaculty development programs are exclusively designed for faculty and teaching staff in order to develop their skills to carry out the required tasks effectively and efficiently. These workshops include communications skills, personality development workshops and techniques on how to build confidence in students by using activity based learning techniques.

The aim of these programs is to prepare faculty staff for outcome based education that means education with a purpose. Outcome based education is an educational theory that encompasses transferring ideas by way of activity based learning. The outcome of this activity is following:• Knowledge• Skills• Abilities Women Leadership ProgramsThe theme of women leadership program is to make them realize that they are equally important than men. They are contributing the same in national economy as the men are doing. Usually these programs were conducted by one of the training and consulting company or a third party. But there will be nominations of female staff to attend this program. This is done once in every year and continues for four to five days.

There will be different top notch trainers from the industry as well as famous panelists. Last year women leadership program was hosted by University of Education Township campus. It is the responsibility of Human Resource department to nominate female staff of various academic faculties and made all arrangements for their pick and drop. There is one or two of the HR representative who were accompanying them in this event. Youth Leadership ProgramsYouth leadership programs or YLP is one the best event in its kind. Like women leadership programs youth leadership programs are designed for our youth to empower them, to make them aware, to provide confidence, to give sense of responsibility, to give them know how of entrepreneurship, business idea generation, different gaming activities were conducted by different industry experts who are trained in their areas.

Again these events were conducted by independent bodies and HR department and Office of Career Services liaison with all arrangements. Students and young graduates were nominated to attend these programs. The duration of this event is also varies from 4 to 5 days. CEO’s, trainers, industrialist are invited to speak on this forum. There were different experiential learning activities apart from general discussions.Remote Campuses Outreach ProgramsThis is the best ever activity HR department is doing in order to sync or align all remote campuses with HR department located at head office. HR department is fully responsible for execution of these programs. University of Lahore has its two campuses in Lahore and one each in Islamabad, Sargodha, Gujrat and Pakpattan.

There are two types of events conducted in remote campuses. One is New Employees Orientation and other is Values at Work session.There are representatives of HR/ Senior Officer appointed at remote campuses. They are basically involved in all type of liaising with main HR department. When 35 to 50 new recruits are on board at remote campuses human resource department schedule a visit and inform remote campuses management at least one week before to make all the arrangement well in advance. Apart from training activities Human Resource department is equally responsible for all the new hiring and replacements cases along with their payroll matters.The session is divided in to four main categories:• Ice breaking activities• Session on HR policies and procedure• Highlights on Organizational Values• Gamification activities by facilitator Employee Facilitation Visit-RRC CampusThis visit is usually scheduled twice in a month. The purpose of this visit is already highlighted that is employee facilitation.

Two of the HR representatives visit old campus to address issues of old campus staff and to make them aware that they can contact with HR department in case any issue persists. The moto of HR department in University of Lahore is to facilitate employees at its best while making alignment of HR strategy into organizations strategy.Role of Training and Development• Increase in efficiency• Boost employee morale• Better human relations• Reducing supervision• Increased productivityRole of TNA/ Identifying Training NeedsIt must be noted that training is not a solution for every problem. Sometimes training might not be a good intervention.

Training is appropriate when the performance issue is of cant do issue. The training need may be identified by doing analysis of any of the three. TNA is the first step in the training process model. Training assessment includes: 1. Organizational AnalysisTo align training with business strategy and to ensure that there are resources and management support for training. 2.

Task AnalysisTo identify the important work related tasks and knowledge, skills, abilities (KSBA’s) to determine if the content of activities are consistent with trainee on the job experience.3. Person/ Learner AnalysisTo ensure that trainees have the basic skills, motivation, prerequisite skills or confidence to attend the training.TNA Collection Methods• Observation• Interviews• Questionnaire• Self-assessments• Working papers• Competency based TNA• Performance tests• Document review• Performance appraisals.After evaluating training need there are four steps involved in this process.

It is also called Addie model.a. Analysis/ AssessmentThe process for determining whether a training to address a performance gap is necessary or not.b.

DesignIf the analysis identifies the performance gap, the design phase will outline the performance objectives.c. DevelopUsing the information gathered in the design and analysis phase, the performance solution is createdd. ImplementThis stage includes the delivery of a performance solution.e.

EvaluateMeasurement of how well the performance solution achieved its objectives.Methods of TrainingThere are various methods of training. But which is best that organization can use solely depends on the nature of the job and size of the audience as well. Let’s have a look at some of the training methods.1. On the job training (OJT)To learn by doing itself. Learns the methods involved and gets perfection over time. On experience job experience will be high and more efficient.

2. DemonstrationDescribes and displays. Combined with lectures and group discussions.

3. Job instruction trainingTraining through step by step. Sequential arrangements of all steps. What, how and when to be done.

Includes providing job information.4. Vestibule trainingLearn and develop skills of the same nature. More freedom for experimentation. Lecture method and practical exercise.5. ApprenticeshipOldest and most commonly used method. Most time spent on productive jobs.

Program of assignments according to predefined schedules.6. Coaching/ understudyIn coaching direct personal instructions and in understudy one can assist and supervised.

7. Job rotationMoving from one job to another. Cooperation between different functions. The drawback is confusion and affects performance.8. Simulation trainingDuplication of organizational situations in a learning environment. Trainees participation is full.

Single brief session. Adapt to values and perceptions of various roles.Employee Career Development TemplateEMPLOYEE PROFILEEmployee Name Current Designation Qualification Experience in UOL Total Experience (In no. of years) Previous Experience with designation 1. Where are you now? To be filled by employee HoD evaluation Your current roles & responsibilities Your achievements/initiatives on current job Your strengths/assets are? (Skills, knowledge, Abilities) Developmental activities in present position? What work area/field you enjoy the most? Which area you find difficult/ unexciting? Is there anything getting in your way of achieving what you want? 2. What do you want for your career? What does your ideal job looks like? Are you considering working outside of this organization? If yes mention the reasons In which area of work you are interested the most/to pursue? What are your goals (short/long term)? Where do you see yourself in 3 years? What you want to accomplish and the competencies you want to acquire or improve by next year? Initiatives you want to take/value you can add? Self-Development needs/desires? 3. How might you get there? How can you prepare yourself to achieve your goals? What tools/resources do you need? What steps do you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be? What new skills, knowledge do you need to possess? How can you commit to achieving your goals? What barriers do you need to remove to make this happen? 4. Who can help? (What resources you need to achieve your career goals?)What new relationships might you build that can help to attain career goals? who can support you to attain your career goals? What role can your Head/Manager can play in supporting you? GAP ANALYSIS 1.

There is no tool to measure training effectiveness.2. After training of one batch there is no system developed to keep them in loop for next sessions.3. Communication gap4. Lack of focus to management staff like directors and head of the departments.

5. Low interest of management/ stakeholders so far6. No customized are arranged so far7. University of Lahore is a huge organization but its training and development domain is not properly functional8. Training need analysis not conducted9. No proper budget allocation for trainings10. Less focus on trainings on neutral venues.RECOMMENDATIONSFollowing recommendations are helpful in bridging the gap in training and development function and will definitely increase training effectiveness.

1. Designing an overall effective training tool by conducting quizzes, tests etc will assist in measure training after effects.2.

Whenever an employee attends the training session he should then ask to conduct the same session with his or her colleagues so that the impact of training may inject in other employees as well.3. In every training session there must be a representation of senior management staff in order to ensure that organization is making every effort to promote culture of growth and helps in culture transformation.4. Customized training sessions should be arranged to facilitate employees in developing their skills.5. HR department should ask employees on which area they are looking for training. Or in some cases same thing can be asked from their head of the departments as well.

6. Encourage lifelong learning in developing their skills and make them updated.7. Incorporates knowledge management programs like LMS etc.8. Traditional training methodologies should be replaced by new ones.9. Training need analysis should be conducted first to determine need of training because training is not a solution of every problem.

10. There must be training experts for training whether they are invited from outside the organizations.11. Like faculty development programs there will be programs for development of administrative staff skills.ConclusionTraining and development plays a vital role in developing skills of employees. It can take the form of orientation for new employees or it can be any customized training.

In helps employees to understand what to do and how to do. In this report I will try to cover all activities that is happening in University of Lahore under training and development domain and sums up in brief gap analysis with recommendations. There are three outcomes of any training activity. One is skills second is knowledge and third is abilities. It also helps boosting the morale of employees and thus increasing in productivity. With the help of this any organization can develop a culture of learning and growth. So to cut the long story short organizations support HR department with new soft initiatives that can attract and manage talent.

In these days the biggest challenge is change management but one can achieve this through different engagement sessions. Organizations should increase the amount of budgets that relate to training and development and encourage the HR department to have the services of top notch trainers in industry. REFERENCES • The university of Lahore official site• www.google.com• www.wikipedia.com• www.Investopedia.com• Human resource book.• http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/job-specialization.html • http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/performance-appraisal.html• http://publicpaperpk.com/21588/admissions-in-the-university-of-lahore-islamabad-campus • http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/job-description.html


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