(I) world’s most renowned maintenance providers to ensure

(I) Operational StrategiesAs Bateman & Snell (2013) has expressed that Öperational planning identifies the specific procedures and processes required at lower levels of the organization”.Safety First – Never compromise on Safety is the single most important criterion in every aspect of the operations, an area that AirAsia will. AirAsia complies with the conditions set by regulators in all the countries where the airline operates. In addition, AirAsia partners with the world’s most renowned maintenance providers to ensure that its fleet is always in the best condition.

High Aircraft Utilisation – AirAsia’s high frequency flights have made it more convenient for guests to travel as the airline implements a quick turnaround of 25 minutes, which is the fastest in the region. This has resulted in high aircraft utilisation, lower costs and greater airline and staff productivity.Low Fare, No Frills – AirAsia targets guests who are prepared to do away with frills such as meals, frequent flyer miles or airport lounges in exchange for fares lower than those currently offered without comprising on quality and service. Guests have the choice of buying exclusively prepared meals, snacks and drinks from our in-flight service at an affordable price.Streamlined Operations – Making the process as simple as possible is the key to AirAsia’s success. We are working towards a single aircraft fleet; this greatly reduces duplicating manpower requirements as well as stocking of maintenance parts.

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Lean Distribution System – AirAsia offers a wide and innovative range of distribution channels to make booking and travelling easier for its guests. AirAsia’s ticketless service provides a low cost alternative to issuing printed tickets.Point to Point Network – The LCC model adopts the simple point-to-point network. All AirAsia flights are short haul (four-hour flight radius or less) while our sister airline AirAsia X focuses more on the medium to long haul flights (more than four-hour flight radius).

The underlying business is to fly a person from point A to B.


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