Solar energy in China          First  I choose energy in China because China use many kinds of renewable energy. Renewable energy can produce energy and it will very less pollution because when they build the energy generators, it will produce very little pollution.But when the generator produce energy then, it will produce none of pollution.Renewable energy is clean energy.         China is a powerful, big and China is very rich country. With the money and land, so the government of China can build many of the renewable energy generator. In this SA I will write about solar energy wind power and hydropower in China. Why solar energy is use in China ?        China introduce electric buses to Shenzhen, the electric bus use solar energy to drive, the solar panel is on the top of the bus . Electric bus don’t need to use petrol to drive. China build electric bus because it can make the earth more cleaner. Using electric bus, because electric bus don’t need to use petrol, then China will have less air pollution. Solar panel is on the top of the bus. So, when the bus was driving the bus still can collect solar energy.        When was during night time or cloudy day, solar panel can not produce or collect solar energy. We need solar panel to produce energy because if we keep on using fossil fuel, coal or some others objects can produce energy, but some it can produce energy objects it will produce pollution too. So, we need solar energy or some renewable energy.What was wind energy?        Wind power is a object that can produce energy, wind power have many parts, first is a kind of like a van, then when the wind go to the wind power the wind power will move, then the generator will start to produce energy to the line, the line can let the energy move to everywhere but not outside the line. Most of the wind power and wind farms  is in the mountain because mountain is high some is very windy and went is during rain


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