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-6350-307975The Internet should not be censored at all. Do you agree?0The Internet should not be censored at all.

Do you agree? center44894500-626745267335Name: Yousif ALmkdeliStudent number:513797Class:EAP1Teachers: Roland/Steve00Name: Yousif ALmkdeliStudent number:513797Class:EAP1Teachers: Roland/Stevecenter-395894Introduction0IntroductionInternet is an electronic platform that connects computer network all around the world. These days, the Internet has moved at an alarming rate in the last 20 years. Internet has a lot of advantages and helps people think in many ways. Although, most people feel that Internet should be censored which means limiting of some negative information which appears on the internet. Internet Censorship stops users from creating or watching online content and it can be done by governments, schools and even home users. There are various methods that can be used to block unnecessary material and some are more effective than others.

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Internet Censorship is a topic of ongoing debate and it raises lots of arguments. It will be argued that Internet should be censored for three main reasons: some bad information for example, violent and pornographic contents appear on the internet. There are negative effects of the internet, of national security and some lawbreakers’ commit crimes via the internet.The first and foremost reason to support Internet censorship is that violent and pornographic information on the internet is not good.

It seriously influences people especially children. This means when using the internet, children do not have limitation to access vast information thus, various news or events including pornographic appears to them. The fact is the children are too small to distinguish good content and they have poor self-control. This makes it easy for the children to be seriously misled in the wrong way. According to the data shows for instance, thirty six percent children who access internet go on finding pornographic information because of curiosity.

Hence, it is obvious that for children safety, Internet should be censored. Another reason to support internet is that it definitely threatens national security. In other words, some other countries’ spies get illegal secrets for example, military secrets by internet. It is easy to obtain countries’ secrets via communication on the internet such as, CAI in the USA stopped another countries’ via the internet. If the Internet is not censored, some countries national secrets by other countries will get into problem. Therefore, it is important that government should censor the internet.

Finally, to support internet censorship is that some individuals can commit crime by taking advantage of the internet. Internet criminals seem to be everywhere on the internet, for instance, some criminals on the internet snatch password, commit fraud and release viruses to crash computers. Consequently, these crimes destroy the nation deeply.In conclusion, Internet has a lot of harmful effects. It is responsible for negative information through pornographic sites, threat to national security. More specifically, the internet with some negative information could seriously effect children, help spies with countries’ information and allows lawbreakers to commit crimes. Therefore, the internet should be censored for safe network platform.

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