6- into a responsible woman, and how

6-   Document- Taylor (CHAP 16-17) done yepAdoption is more than a responsibility; it is your devotion to providing a safe and friendly environment for a child. Estevan, Esperanza, Turtle and I visited Mr. Armistead, the person who the social worker suggested that I should see about getting becoming Turtle’s legal guardian. In Armistead’s office, Estevan and Esperanza were dauntless and pretended to be Turtle’s parents. I was nervous, but I knew acting suspicious would be an impediment  in my chances of being a mother to Turtle. They gave Turtle to me and expressed their wish for me to adopt her. As Esperanza told her story, she went through a catharsis, which released her bottled-up feelings about her real daughter, Ismene, as well as the atrocities that she had observed  while living in Guatemala. I was able to tell that Esperanza was in dire need of pity and comfort, Estevan and Esperanza signed a document that stated that they agree to the change in custody. After walking out of the office, I felt instant relief. The adoption process for Turtle had been a never ending struggle with many obstacles (hyperbole), but now, I  can envision providing a home full of sun (metaphor). I realize how close I am to Estevan and Esperanza, and how they have sacrificed everything for me, including their pride. The custody document will forever be a reminder of my development into a responsible woman, and how I  recognize the interdependence of the varied people in my life.7-Taylor: Chapter(7) – bean  doneThe most meaningful moments in life are the ones that are not expected. My commitment to Turtle became a priority in my life. While returning home to the desert for a picnic, I quickly stopped the car as a mother quail and her babies were crossing the road. This sudden experience allowed  me to emphasize the responsibilities of being a mother, and how I am starting to accept them. I  felt as proud as any parent would when I heard Turtle you cant use mirth, its a nounmirth and smile for the first time. Afterwards, Turtle and I planted seeds in Mattie’s garden,  when Turtle said her first word, “bean.” I hugged Turtle and told her, as my own mother told me, that she is “just about the smartest kid alive.”  I felt like a cruel cloud (pathetic fallacy) had passed because the veracity of the feeling I had that she would be reticent forever was not true. I thought at one point I would have to supplicate to God to make her speak. The first time I saw Turtle, I could see the fear in her eyes, like a dark sky (simile), but when I saw her laugh and talk, I knew things would be different; we no longer had to live in fear. The sight of a bean will always capture my attention, as it reassures me that I am doing a sufficient job of raising Turtle, as I feel that if Turtle is unhappy, she would not speak. Turtle’s silence for a while is a parable that teaches me that even though the worst times in life, there is still hope for recovery. 8- Lou ann- chap (10)- ABC BOOKS , ABC books, high chairs, diaper totes, and toys doneChange can be either damaging or beneficial (juxtaposition), and allows you to exude the inner strengths you never knew you had. The morning after Esperanza’s suicide attempt, which I rebuked, I felt more optimistic. I heard birds singing and talked about them to Taylor. The house where Taylor and I lived in was becoming more like a household composed of two women and our children, and less like a space Angel had left behind. Taylor and I decide to take on the enterprise of going around the house and filling up the spaces left behind by Angel, without feeling the need to repent the wrongs that I committed; I did not do much to save our marriage. I filled the house with ABC books, high chairs, diaper totes, and toys. It suddenly came to my realization that I no longer needed Angel to look after me and Dwayne. He could be there, or not, and it hardly made any difference; he would come and go, much like a transient,(simile). I realized how grateful I am to be able to have a close bond with the wonderful women (alliteration), Taylor, in my life, and how she can do much more for me than any man could. I also began to realize that I was capable of taking full responsibility of Dwayne and his needs, as well as tackle any obstacles that occur.  The ABC books and other items will forever hold a place in my heart, as they reminded me that I would be fine without a man in my life, and my development into a responsible woman that realizes being a single mother is not impossible. 9- Lou Ann- – prosthetic leg- chap (2)    Donee (allusion)                           Often times,  two loved ones contend that they are incompatible, and feel the need to split apart. This is usually the best solution when they no longer connect with one another. My mother, Ivy Logan, never enjoyed the company of Angel because of his Hispanic background; My mother surmised that Mexicans are like catholics because they are trying to take over the world (allusion). I chastised my mother’s theory and tried to convince my mother that she was wrong about Mexicans by sending her newspaper clippings about successful Mexican people. After being married to Angel for only a year, he had a plight accident in his truck. His leg was amputated at the knee, and he was forced to wear a prosthesis, which jingled (onomatopoeia) whenever he walked. Angel’s amputated leg never bothered me, but Angel could not accept it. He became unsatisfied with his life, and was irritated by everything that surrounded him. Our relationship become a tempest, and I felt guilty because I had done nothing to try to save this marriage; I had always wanted to leave myself, but it was always easier to deal with Angel’s verbal abuse . On Halloween, Angel  packed his things and deserted me while I was at a doctor’s office for my seventh-month prenatal exam. I am grateful for Angel’s prosthetic leg because it showed me who he truly was: an unstable and immature man who was bitter over his fate, and unable to continue his relationship because of his narcissism. His leg also caused him to leave me, which made it easier on me as I no longer had to do it myself. Lou Ann- Coins on Halloween – chap (idk) done yepAbandonment happens for a reason and will teach you a lesson. On Halloween night, I was at the doctor’s office getting a seven-month prenatal exam when I heard that Angel cravenly packed his things and left me, like how Cinderella had left the prince before the clock struck twelve (allusion). I felt surprised because I never expected him to walk out on me when I was pregnant, which caused a prodigious amount of stress, but I conjected that he would return. At first glance, I was baffled as to why the house looked empty, but then I realized that it was due to Angel, who had left home. Due to all the stress I had accumulated, I forgot all about Halloween night. I suddenly heard the chitter (onomatopoeia) of a bevy of young children trying to amass candy from me. I was perturbed by the angry children that made me feel like a fiasco because I had forgotten to buy candy. I came up with a quick solution, which consisted with distributing pennies to each child from my Mickey Mouse bank, which I used to buy a washing machine with. The coins will always be an instant reminder of the time I was extremely stressed out and and forgot about Halloween because my husband had left me through a rough period.


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