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5715065036701000000Burger King was founded in 28 July 1953 in United States, Florida as the name of “Insta-Burger King”. Its first restaurant opens in 1953. In 1954, a year after it’s opening, Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties. Lucky enough, two franchisees bought the company and took up the name “Burger King” instead of the original “Insta-Burger King”. Their product is mostly 100% beef burgers. Burger King is placed number 6 in the top 25 restaurants chains in America by sales profiting 9.3 billion per year. However, Burger King is the second largest food chain in the food industry with Mcdonald being the first.Burger King classify their customers mainly by region as their first store opens in the United States in 1953. As of 2016, Burger King has a total of 6,642 stores in the United States of America. Americans could literally find a Burger King store in their neighbourhood to eat or take away their meal. Below is a picture that shows Burger King restaurants in the United States in 2016.Burger King split their customers by kids, teenagers and family. The first logo in 1955 of Burger King depicts a man with a crown like a king sitting on the hamburger which visualizes the name ” Burger King” and he holds a soft drink so as to complete the meal of a typical fast food meal.In 1960, Burger King uses television advertisement by evolving their logo into a man wearing the crown looking like a king introducing to the young viewers about Burger King with their tagline “Burger King, Where Kids Are King!” This attracts the young viewers and they pulled their parents to eat at Burger King thus Burger King became a family restaurant.Soon after, Burger King has a new tagline ” Have It Your Way” to attract consumers to have it their way of choosing the ingredients in their burger which adds a little fun in their food and services.Burger King divides into two types, one is the working class and another is the family.As for working class, Burger King ensures their take away orders is easy so as the working class could take away fast and could return to their office in time to enjoy the meal. Burger King also ensures their take away bag would be easy to grab and go.As for family, Burger King launches kids meal to attract kids. Kids will then drag their parents over to Burger King to enjoy it.

Burger King attracts customers with their speed of service, the quality of their food and the affordability of their meal. Burger King ensures that the products they offer can be prepared in a short frame of time. Burger King also distributes meal coupons to their customers.For their speed of service, Burger King ensures they have enough hands to prepare the food on time with the best quality of taste. The affordability of their meal is to ensures that even the poor could enjoy Burger King as well. The meal coupons could be used in discount or buying the meal in a cheaper price instead of the original price.Burger King is an American Global Chain of Hamburger Fast Food and is the second largest food chain apart from Mcdonald.Burger King’s mission is “to offer reasonably priced quality food, served quickly in attractive and clean surroundings”, which indicates the expectations Burger King has set for itself.Burger King focus on meeting the needs of the customers especially young customers. “Have It Your Way” tagline is used to depict to the young customers that they can have it their way with Burger King.Burger King increased advertising by putting signboards outside its outlets and passing out flyers. Burger King also introduces its products and promotions through its social media and through television. Also, Burger King came out with various promotional deals to attract customers. Some examples are the Mix and Match deal, Star buys, and the Flamin’ Hot Deals. These deals provide the consumers with the values for their money and proves that Burger King is survivable in the market.

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Burger King can be easily recognized through their logos and the food they offers .Burger King focus mostly on young adults in the market. Burger King stands in the market which being recognize as a best quality in food, delicious tasting and affordable meals. The difference between Mcdonald and Burger King is that Mcdonald targets children and family whereas Burger King targets young adults. Burger King lived it up to their customers expectations to Have It Your Way by allowing their customers to choose the types of ingredients they want in their burgers with a reasonable pricing as their normal burgers. This shows the affordability and sustainability of Burger King’s meals.Burger King offers variety choices of food such as Hershey pie, Coke float and onion rings whereas their competitor, Mcdonald only serve normal iced coke and nuggets.

In a nutshell, Burger King remains as one of the world’s most profitable food chain profiting 9.3 billion per year in America. Burger King is considered successful as they are much better in terms of financially as compared to 1953 when they first started it.Burger King is always on their mission to serve customers with good quality of food and fast speed to ensure shorter waiting time. Burger King also ensures that their meals is always on the affordable price range in the market . Thus, as a consumer of Burger King, I will gladly still be their loyal customers due to the speed of service, quality of food and affordable prices.


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