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.The study of public policy is commonly regarded a significant aspect of political discipline, (McConnell & Hart 2014). Politics is a process through which the public assist to figure out how to organize as well as control or govern themselves, (Cairney, 2012). Dye (2012) argues that public policy is political because it is located in public sphere, where decisions are made by the public to deal with issues that affect people in communities. The public domain can be an apartment complex, small village, a whole nation, or even the world, (Birkland, 2015). Policy refers to people outlining their socially accepted norms and practices to guarantee some form of predictability in the allocation of scarce resources where all the people can contribute towards a social effect, (Pal & Leslie, 2005). Furthermore a policy mostly comes in the form of general statements about priorities, written regulations, or guidelines, procedures and or standards to be achieved, (Pal & Leslie, 2005).

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