.Walmart’s people can live better. We consider it

.Walmart’s mission statement is to create opportunities so people can live better. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it’s through the grants we provide to the thousands of organizations that share our mission or through the inspiring volunteer efforts of Walmart associates, we are passionate about helping people live better. One community at a time (Our focus, n.

d.).Core CompetenciesWalmart has Ethics/ social responsibilityWalmart has a variety of ways to make sure that being ethical stays at the top of their list including global ethics and ethics education. Global Ethics is responsible for promoting Walmart’s culture of integrity. This includes developing and upholding the policies for ethical behavior for all stakeholders everywhere (Ethics ; Integrity, n.

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d.). Walmart wants to make sure that even if their business is in another country, that everyone is still following the same rules and regulations as well as the same behavior. Their ethics education means that since they only have ethics classes in the U.

S., that others around the world can still get the same information. They have implemented a consistent education program in the U.S.

and are continuing to expand e-learning and instructor-led training around the world (Ethics ; Integrity, n.d.). So if no one is available for in-person training around the world then they can do so digitally. Walmart’s social responsibility is that they want to make sure they use their strengths and collaborate with others to transform the systems on which we rely, including advancing our ambitious commitments and goals within the priority areas of opportunity, sustainability and community (Global responsibility, n.

d.). Opportunity includes, creating development and advancement opportunities for their associates around the world. Sustainability is working with others to reshape the way we work to achieve significant and lasting improvement in environmental and social outcomes (Global responsibility, n.d.).

Lastly is community, which is aiming to strengthen local community cohesion and resilience while inspiring associates to give back (Global responsibility, n.d.).


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