4. Actions and Options for development of people


Actions and Options for development of people resources in Air NamibiaSuccess of Air Namibia is depended on having the best team of people with appropriate skills, the right organisation structure, the right culture and the necessary tools to do the job and of all the challenges that Air Namibia faces, this will be the hardest one to overcome, but it is critical for the airline’s future success. The airline needs to create an aligned organisation that is characterised by candidate communication, clear decision-making, smart processes, and thoughtful planning. It requires regular assessments of internal capabilities and external conditions and most of all it requires leadership.

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‘The organisation performs as a system, with every component of the framework offering help for whatever is left of the association for instance ,correspondence and data frameworks, specialized frameworks, and estimation frameworks all supplement the human asset system'(Gephart and Van Buren,1996). They additionally found that ‘not all superior organizations exhibit the majority of the above segments’. They watched, precisely which blends work best, and under what conditions, needs promote investigation. They additionally clarified that collaboration happens from an association ready to deliver two results. To start with, the majority of its parts are adjusted and fit together. Second individuals in the organization are profoundly dedicated, stimulated and enthusiastic about their work.

Air Namibia should consider strengthening the current board with more travel and airline experience. They must select a permanent Managing Director and being prepared to extend the search worldwide and use a professional executive search agency to find the best available individual, preferably with industry experience. Ensure that the company objectives are clearly communicated to the staff. The airline requires very significant actions, by trying to create new organisation structure.

The structure should be aligned to the delivery of strategy as highlighted in the Five Year Business Plan. All the positions must be filled by the most qualified candidates. Air Namibia candidates will be assessed on past performance and commitments as well qualification for the role. A more efficient organisational structure would improve communication and put the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions. The new organisation should also be matched to current requirements in terms of staff levels. Everybody must be given the opportunity to match their skill levels and competencies to new job profiles.

The aptitudes required by representatives to work viably in elite work association may positively require preparing’. Indeed, they normally do. The distinction is that in superior associations, the attention is on the preparation itself. Subsequently, the different meanings of elite contain numerous a bigger number of components than preparing (Levine, 1995:178-179). ‘An informed and prepared laborer is often recognize as a standout amongst the most basic components for an organization’s getting to be and staying focused’. Hence, an organization’s key arranging ought to incorporate a human asset intend to guarantee that human asset hones are lined up with the organization’s key objectives.

Workers require new aptitudes, more abilities and versatile abilities. The basic inquiry, consequently is not any more why, yet how: How would organizations be able to stay aware of the quick pace of progress in satisfying this requirement for abilities. Huselid (1995:640) distinguished ‘the qualities of superior work hones: Extensive enlistment, choice and preparing techniques: formal data sharing, disposition evaluation, work outline, grievance methods and work – administration support programs, execution examination, advancement and motivating force, pay frameworks that perceive and reward worker justify’.5. Conclusion and RecommendationCompanies can create a competitive advantage by proactively eliminating potential issues and identifying opportunities to enhance basic client mind forms. Operational knowledge gives the perceivability to perceive what is occurring and the knowledge to comprehend what it implies, so the correct move can be made so as to enhance the client encounter.Training has been identified as a significant component of companies’ success. Companies managed with the belief and practices that demonstrate workers knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics are critical assets for ensuring success have shown increased productivity, lower employee turnover and higher employee satisfaction.

This can only be resolved by bringing in people from outside the airline, either on temporary basis to train and mentor existing Air Namibia staff or to fill the permanent gaps in the organisation. Air Namibia staff are not empowered or accountable and lack skills in certain key areas to efficiently run the business. Air Namibia still needs an injection of skills and expertise in critical commercial and operational areas. In many cases, it is simply a matter of putting the right people, with the right skills in the right position.Therefore the following actions are recommended:• Do a situational analysis and skills audit of the staff within the organisation.

This is to ensure that, the problem identified of and its perceived causes are correct and the proposed solutions will address the issues highlighted.• Development of a comprehensive Human Resources policy and personnel plan in alignment with organisational objectives which will incorporate solutions suggested above in the recommendations. The new plan should include personnel future level forecasting, training and organisational development, Expatriates requirements and during, skills transfer programs, engineering, pilots, chartered accountants and other scare skills development program, succession planning, competitive remuneration packages career path and compliance with regulations requirements such as the Equal Employment Act and the 2007 Labour Act and Performance Management. • Discussions and Approval by the Executive Management and Board of Directors, as to ensure that recommendation are in line with the strategic direction of the company and adoption of the new plan• Implement the new plan• Do a continuous review of the new plan as to ensure that it is in line set objective and deviation from the set objectives are addressed immediately


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