4.3 than 70% of teachers considered absentee students


3 Specializations in schools.Evidence of the investigation shows that “Disciplinary methods, even those persons considered common and acceptable, can effectively affect an important method.”An important sub-theme that emerges in a comprehensive analysis of school factors is the lack of discipline in government primary schools. Some participants felt that as a result of disobedience the student rate of failure increased. In addition, school management neglects more than that problem. Teachers said that the main reason for the student’s situation was their continued absence from school. The study by AEPAM also indicated that more than 70% of teachers considered absentee students a major reason for re-conducting a semester.

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When this problem is seen, the management’s responsibility is to take strong measures. Teachers saw no attendance at school early in attendance. The participants said: “If the unit in the field of youth is constantly asked about their absence from the faculty, the attendance rate will decrease significantly.”There are some serious issues relating to the relevant issues relating to the context of Pakistan, especially in developing countries.

Management and teachers often use corporal punishment to maintain discipline in schools. Corporal punishment or corporal punishment “The use of physical force is to make the child feel, but not hurt, to correct or control his behavior.”Despite the complete ban on corporal punishment in all government Punjab schools, they are still being implemented to some extent. Most teachers demonstrated against the punishment of children. The evidence also showed that “corporal punishment plays an important role in psychological problems and depression.” Similarly, participants concluded that “severe corporal punishment is minor, but is largely associated with negative adjustment of youth”.The teacher found that corporal punishment is a serious process.

The child becomes nervous and the lesson is often learned. Education is always better in a friendly environment. “The corporate judge is hurting young people’s abilities, and thus increasing their failure,” the participants added.Similarly, the teacher was not in favor of killing and mutilating this child. He said that the teacher should not place the child in the presence of other children, because the child becomes awkward and often becomes a rebellion. He suggested that the child be warned in isolation.Participants also complained that teachers wanted to get the children out of school. He suggested that there could be a significant change in the child’s behavior to learn more love and attraction.

On the other hand, participants who expressed appreciation for corporate punishment were impressed that it was necessary to some extent. The teacher can improve the child’s learning through the limited use of this process. Participants explained: “3 things that will improve the child’s performance area, love, desire, fear.”Participants acknowledged that love-loving behavior is more effective, but sometimes it does not work. Fear of the teacher must be put on the right track.Similarly, participants found little stress on the child to learn.

The participants added that there were very few children who could be treated well. The child does not know what is right or wrong. It is the teacher’s duty to use the strategy of verification and balance.


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