371793-24689400Animal nerve cell; The main duty of the

371793-24689400Animal Cell187579028575Nucleolus00Nucleolus26003252355860030384759525Nucleus00Nucleus3819525238125Lysosome00Lysosome5048259525Chromatin00Chromatin207645016510003162299254635001104900762000290512523622000490537510160Smooth endoplasmic reticulum00Smooth endoplasmic reticulum-334010190500Centrioles 00Centrioles 38099917907000left1885960025146001714500-666750315595Cytoskeleton 00Cytoskeleton 3467100558800023901401511300015430492844800040004913208100400050029845Golgi apparatus00Golgi apparatus60007417780003038475248920Rough endoplasmic reticulum 00Rough endoplasmic reticulum -485775334645Mitochondria00Mitochondria2019300287020Ribosomes00Ribosomes1114425135255Cytoplasm 00Cytoplasm -247650278130Plasma membrane 00Plasma membrane 2619375208915Dendrite 00Dendrite 29908501524001514475266700Soma00Soma205740049530023431502114550Cytoplasm (fluid)00Cytoplasm (fluid)3209925108585016383001438275Nucleus00Nucleus23050509715504391025533400Axon00Axon336232466675042291001085850Node of Ranvier00Node of Ranvier3800475136207554197252343150Axon terminal 00Axon terminal 47910752286000242887510668000Nerve Cell Muscle cell 504825180975Blood vessel00Blood vessel3019425133350Muscle fibre00Muscle fibre240982524765000139065076200004762501905000-495935114935Epimysium00Epimysium400049286386002257425191135002470826157494003429000124460Fascicle00Fascicle23812504826000297180010160Perimysium00Perimysium2023218249583Endomysium00Endomysium146685026797000171449125095002400300153670Tendon00Tendon-342900220346Bone00BoneFunction of an animal cellAn animal cell performs many activities alongside the other cells to help the organism live.

It helps the body grow and function.The function of a nerve cell;The main duty of the cell is to transport nerve impulses from one location to another resulting in a response within the body such as a certain movement or itching.The function of a muscle cell;The main purpose of a muscle cell is to generate movement.

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A skeletal muscle cell gives you the ability to move around. Smooth muscle cells help pass food through your body. A cardiac cell includes features from both skeletal and smooth muscle cells, but it also helps to keep your heart beating.

Epithelial tissueOne of the four tissues found within the body is epithelial. It has many functions and they include, transportation of materials, protection in the form of skin, absorption of water and nutrients, secretion of waste products. It covers the entire outer surface of the body and lining of the hallow internal organs. Connective tissueThe main duty of connective tissue is to hold our body together and support it. Other duties include protecting organs from injury, storing energy, transporting nutrients and waste. It can be located covering bones, organs and tendons.

Muscular tissueFunctions of muscular tissue include transporting, ability to move blood through the heart and it also provides movement of the body. You can find the tissue connected to bones and skin as well as in the hallow internal of organs.Nervous tissueThe role of nervous tissue is to transport and receive electrical signals. Nerves are spread out all around the body to allow sensory input throughout the body. It is found throughout the body examples of places are the brain and spinal cord.References; https://opentextbc.ca/anatomyandphysiology/chapter/4-1-types-of-tissues/https://www.tutorvista.com/biology/function-of-animal-cellhttps://www.reference.com/science/function-nerve-cells-2fd4c702c7244395https://www.reference.com/science/function-muscle-cell-d1901ca77a258505


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