This chapter was great and I actually

Thischapter was great and I actually identified with it a great deal being that Ioften made and still make this error myself. The words I would often confuse isexcept/accept.

There are several words in Englishthat resemble or sound similar but have very diverse implications, For example, then/ than or see/sea. It’s effortless to get confused with these wordsand the utmost electronic spellcheckers wouldn’t be of much assistance in this kindof state: they can reveal if a word has been misspelled but they wouldn’t becapable of providing notification of the misapplication of a properly spelledword. Englishhas a variance of frequently muddled words. They look similar, sound comparableor, worst of all, both look and sound equally similar but have entirely diverseimplications. Other words look and sound dissimilar but are comparable inmeaning, and it’s difficult to decide which is the precise one in a particular situationor circumstance. 

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