India Damage by pest and disease is very

India is an agricultural country.

Nowadays Farmers are using an excess amount of fertilizers, mono-cropping and other intensive agricultural practices that result in the destruction of farmlands, food production systems and the increase of damage caused by pests and diseases. Excess fertilizer usage not only makes plant dependent on artificial fertilizers but also erodes the land quality, polluted groundwater and in case of the surface runoff, pollutes the nearby water bodies. From this programme, the knowledge attained about the sustainability strategies, considering all relevant agronomic factors will help to increase both productivity and reduce ecological harm, to ensure profitability to the farmers of India. India is one of the most populous countries in the world. The population is increasing day by day and agricultural land is decreasing which results in food insecurity. The sustainable strategies enable us to use resources like land, water, and energy efficiently to increase the food production, to feed the growing population.

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Damage by pest and disease is very high in India, due to climate change and mono-cropping system. Farmers are spraying pesticides in uncontrolled amounts which result in health problems, environment, and water pollution. With the help of the knowledge attained from this master’s programme, one can identify different pathogens and pests that are responsible for the damage and can evaluate their environmental and economic outcomes. It is possible to find solutions that are environmentally safe, socially acceptable, economically viable and meeting the requirements of sustainable cropping systems. Choose appropriate control measures for individual problems and combine them into integrated pest management finally with this project participation, I would be in a position to understand the problems in farming and the remedies to overcome them and help my farmers to maintain good health of plants and also to improve their economic conditions.


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