3. have been looking at people the

3. Although the psychodynamic theory may be a more accurate application because schizophrenia can easily be diagnosed as a problem that stems from the subconscious.  I don’t think the problem comes solely from the people. I think there’s a problem within the systems that we live in.

It’ toxic in every sense. The real question is what is not toxic.? The system thrives off people having conflict. It thrives on the sick , and people with low self esteem and depression.

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Typically when a person has symptoms of schizophrenia they get prescribed pills. The pills that the patient takes doesn’t always make the patient better and it not always the best option. It’s just deals with the superficial  problem.

The medication doesn’t ask why or how? The medication doesn’t care ,and it doesn’t discriminate  The people that take these pills are very uncomfortable.  I can understand why certain patients have problems consistently taking pills. I and many Americanized people have been looking at people the wrong way.

We at look at people as the source of the problem when in fact, it is the system that is the problem for people. I personally seen someone with symptoms of schizophrenia heal themselves without using prescription drugs provided by careless therapist.The therapist didn’t even pick their head up to look at your patient.

 That is I choose the systems theory because in my opinion I think it gets to the root of the problem. In “Intro to group practice” Robert F. Rivas talks about the systems theory , he says that the   group is understood as a system that is affected by many variables.

. He says that  groups are defined by each individual functioning individually while simultaneously maintaining order. In “A Review of Group Systems Theory”  writer Joanie V. Connors  says the groups are always going to fight in order to remain balanced , so they can function in unison. The demands that the groups face makes it hard to attain there set out goals ,and to maintain an external and internal balance.

In order for groups to survive they have to be able to adapt and change so that they can gather the necessary resources to improve their current condition.Conners continues to say how important group therapy is, he says that the intimate understanding of the social system model will greatly improve a person’s productivity as a overall therapist. In fact ,he says that the skill will allow you to ,move beyond theory and focus on the individual models.

The group system model utilizes the use of concepts to explain,  and teach group procedures to help understand and implement the use of interventions of group interactions in a positive and useful direction.4. The concepts within the systems theory are integration,adaptation ,pattern maintenance ,goal attainment holism ,interdependence , dynamic equilibrium and the balancing of internal and external systems . Integration  is bringing the group members together so that they can fit together collectively. Adaptation is making sure that groups can handle the the stress of the their environment.

Pattern Maintenance making sure the group is able to maintain their identities and basic purposes within their society and goal. Attainment is ensuring that the groups can pursue and accomplish their task. Dynamic equilibrium is the balance of socioeconomic  and instrumental  needs within a group. The external system recognizes the way the group handles adaptive situations that result from its relationship with the social and physical environment ,and the internal system  is patterns and activities of and social norms that occur within the group. Group therapist that work with systems theory need to understand people beyond the individual dynamics.

In systems theory it’s important to know because a systems perspective adds  helpful insight to concepts like boundary conditions , the flow of communication, outflow ,inflow because it helps the therapist properly interact with a group. Holism is a concept that focuses on the function of the organism.Holism does not thinks that no individual operates in isolation, and that people are in some way shape or form interdependent. They think that a the pizza itself is better than the individual slices.

Conner thinks that even the most valuable person in the group is nothing in comparison to all the members together as one. Interdependence is a concept that think all the elements in the system are connected in every way shape and form.Conner thinks that  Interdependence  within a  group systems theory means that all members are connected and all the members of the group are interdependent within and between systems levels.Each person within the group is important towards the overall group chemistry and health because the overall state of one person will affect the other and this will eventually the overall dynamic. Interdependence dependents on balance of energy in order for the group to function.Conner says that it is important to understand how the members that don’t say anything still have an effect on the whole group.

Conner said it is also important to be able to balance the unequal power dynamics within the groups so that group dynamics would become destructive and create unwanted outcomes.5. Overall the group was able to have a dynamic balance because the therapist  was able to handle the social and emotional needs of the clients within the group. Schizophrenia is a very hard disorder in regards to group work because clients tend to be in their own world.

I think the therapist handled the group professionally.  The reasons I think that is because she was use  to a lot of adaptation techniques. She was able to give the clients homework so that they can prepare for the future. She gave the clients homeworks so that they can regulate their internal stresses.

The client named Demrall did not seem to benefit from the therapist adaption technique ,but the therapist reply allowed him to maintain his internal identity by not reality checking him when he said something seemingly obscene.  In  fact , as  far as schizophrenics go, the group displayed holism and interdependence during the presentation because they functioned as one. None of the group members spoke out of turn as a result each group member contributed evenly allowing the whole group to function as a unit.

The group displayed interdependence because the overall chemistry had balanced homeostasis.There wasn’t an overly quiet group member that caused the other group members to withdraw into themselves . They did not have a loud or aggressive group member that tried to take the power away from the group therapist.

Despite the fact that one of the group members displayed highly narcissistic qualities.  6. The therapist was there to help the group gain the necessary tools to survive within their society and the group members were there to support each other.  The Therapist was able to make the clients feel comfortable by giving the clients a brief interlude about who she is and what she does. She said that she is a licensed social worker that has many years of infield experience as a group therapist and she assured the group that whatever is discussed in the room will remain confidential with the agency and that they’ll be protected by the social work ethics and principles, and she encouraged the group to feel free to ask if they have any questions.  By doing this she opened herself up to questions so that the clients can achieve their goal.

In other words, she integrated and she utilized patter maintenance which are two concepts from the systems theory. One of the things that the therapist did was to provide information that was valuable to the group. In other words, she shared her power with the group. She encouraged group member to group member communication instead of the group leader to group member communication. She allowed the group members to help and encourage each other and she helped meet individual needs.In doing so she utilized her understanding and skills using adaptation, integration and dynamic equilibrium.

The group work skills that were utilized in this process was series  of  interventions and reality check. She created an environment for her clients to thrive by teaching them medication techniques when the clients are experiencing times of stress. The therapist was able to help the clients grow as a unit by giving them goals in the form of homework.

The homework helped the group deal with instrumental problems. In other words the group members were able to cope with the pressure laid upon them by the outside system. She was able to balance the task and the socioeconomic needs accordingly .Despite the innate difficulty maintaining dynamic equilibrium and goal attainment. The therapist created an environment where the group’s members were able to express their opinions and make informative suggestions.

 She handled the sociemtonital problem by allowing the group to agree or disagree with a certain topics and situations witout any negative refractions. The therapist also handled the internal and external system within the group. She help the group handle and adapt to problems that came from there social and and ecological environment. She also helped  the group adjust to the patterns of activities  and internal relationship within that group.  She made them feel comfortable expressing themselves.

She gave the group members homework so that the group members can grow and  complete the common goal. She was able to give the group the tools to cope with the environmental stressors. By giving the group members the tools to overcome there obstacles.7.The ethical and diversity issue that the group faced was handling  the group itself because people with schizophrenia have dynamic personalities.

It’s hard to treat people that don’t think that there’s a problem. If you don’t think that there’s a problem then there not a lot of motivation for change. If anything A schizophrenic patient views you as the problem  In addition ,I don’t believe in giving medication because how of how the medication works. Typically the medication that treats schizophrenia shuts down all the serotonin and dopamine inside the that person brain. This causes the patient to be in an almost catatonic state. It’s hard for them to function.

They tend to sleep all day and not do anything.  The psychosis that they experience make it hard for them to function. It’s hard for patients under the influence of medication to work. The medication that the patients take can  cause muscle movement disorders, weight gain, dry mouth, sedation, blurred vision, sexual dysfunction ,blood sugar problems ,and blood pressure problems. Imagine seeing your family member going through these conditions. Most of the time you know your family member before they develop symptoms of schizophrenia .

So to see them almost become a different person is hurtful. Everyone within the patent system feels the effects of that individual’s disorder. Everyone in that systems starts to blame each other, they start to say who’s fault it is. Sometimes the family member blames themselves for what happened to the patient.  Sometime the patient tries to refuse the help  and segregate them from the people who try to care for them.

So when the patient has to take medication it adds another emotional layer to the family because they have to watch their family member deteriorate even more and that’s hard to do. So it’s hard for me it would to prescribe medication because I know what it does to the schizophrenia patient.


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