(Caas, 2002: Internet) believes that Sudan’s several conflicts were brought about by the political financial agenda that took the responsibility to distribute natural resources. (Caas, 2002: Internet) says the Sudanese authorities did not involve the groups that have been affected while the control of human resources took place, the government also didn’t need to listen their reviews so that is the motive why they did not succeed in turning in the benefits they promised the community. The access to the delivery of land and water is one of the things that the conflict rotated round. Water resources have been scares after the separation within the South vicinity and that is one of the motive why the struggle started out (Caas, 2002: Internet).

Lack of water resources affected the individuals within the South Sudan real awful as it also contributed to the conflict through causing water borne illnesses and enhanced water evaporations. The invention of oil in the Seventies had a nice effect as it got here up with a strategy on how peace may be delivered between the North and South via to start with renewing hostilities in 2005. The sharing of oil (Caas, 2002: Internet) says it became attractive and this made matters greater but when the country depend upon human resources it becomes more likely to be influenced. After the oil was found in South Sudan, it also becomes one of the nations that trusted human resources. Natural resource dependence has a superb effect at the onset and length of battle (Caas, 2002: Internet).

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