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Net Neutrality or the principle of the open internet protects our rights to the internet by freely ensuring that all the internet services can provide to an open network and don´t  block  discriminate against any app and or any  content you may find. This includes discrimination by the protocol IP address, and the  private networks. The meaning of ¨Net Neutrality¨ was found by the Columbia University by Tim Wu in the year of 2003, and then Chile became the very first country to pass net neutrality legislation in the year of  2010. In the year of 2015 the U.

S. Federal of Communications Commission also known as the (FCC), ruled in the  favour of the net neutrality by broadband the  access to a telecommunications service. It is also believed that Mexico has also adopted the strictest net of the  frameworks in the whole world.

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They have also achieved the free keeping of the election and the non-discrimination privacy. In India they debate over the net neutrality in April of  2015 when  the TRAI got recommendations on the consultation paper.  The paper saw a couple thousand of web users taking  social media to show displeasure. Keeping the consumer’s interest in mind of the DoT that  has now released its final report. The DoT panel has also suggested that the net neutrality is vital for all good internet and that the principles of net neutrality must be adhered to. More of the significantly has  also been  addressed the the question of the Over the Top service for example WhatsApp and Skype. The OTT service is  dealing with messaging that should not be interfered with the regulatory instrument.

As they have been traditionally available in the market for some time now and have services enhanced with the  consumer welfare. The main reasons  Internet has been is because the people have been able to use it how they wish too.  The only bad  thing is that policymakers can do to the network is to allow telecom companies to change it all.


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