2018 geese always migrate in a ‘V’ formation.

2018 WILD Classes   Grade 6 Species Profile Project School Name: Hilson Avenue Public School, Ottawa, OntarioStudent Name: AngelineMy feature story (<= 750 words)                       Species name : Canada Goose Branta canadensisIntroduction paragraph You've definitely seen, or at least heard of a Canada goose before. Whether it's by a lake or in the park, Canada geese are everywhere. These omnipresent common herbivores eats only plants, not meat are found in all the provinces and territories of Canada and the states of the U.

S.A, and are the most well-known birds in North America. Canada geese are incredible migrators, and can be aggressive when they feel threatened. These animals are very common, but most people don’t know that there are many interesting, little-known facts about them. Here are a couple riveting things about Canada geese that you’ve probably never heard of.Short Paragraph 1 Chances are, you’ve noticed that Canada geese always migrate in a ‘V’ formation. A stroke of luck, or is it? This actually isn’t just random, it’s aerodynamic and very strategic. The geese take turns flying in front, and creating less wind resistance for the birds flying behind, which saves them energy.

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When they get tired, they fall to the back of the line, and the next goose comes forward. As a result, these ingenious animals can cover over 2400 kilometers (1491 miles) with preferable wind conditions in just 24 hours! Canada geese usually migrate 3200-4800 kilometers in total, so they really need to stick together to not get left behind. Another benefit of flying in a ‘V’ is to communicate and coordinate well, and to keep track of each other when they’re flying.

Mother nature has really got them covered!Short Paragraph 2 Many animals find new partners every mating season, but geese mating partners usually stay together for their whole lives. The pair always remain with each other during autumn when they’re migrating. The two geese parents will split the responsibility of raising the goslings during the mating season. The female goose lays the eggs and the male goose will share the task of keeping them warm. He will also protect the baby geese from predators once they hatch. The nest is built out of dry plants, and the female chooses the spot, usually on high ground, where there is a good view in all directions, in case of predators.Short Paragraph 3Although Canada geese have many stunning features, they can also often be extremely revolting.

If you live near a park or a lake, you might have noticed that they poop EVERYWHERE. Just one of these medium-sized birds can produce up to 45 kilograms of excrement in a year. That’s as heavy as the average 13 year old human! Sadly, Canada geese are also popular game animals and in Canada, and it is legal to hunt a goose without a license. Species Fact Box Description: Medium- sized birds, with a recognisable, distinct black head and long black neck, webbed feet, and a unique white ‘chinstrap’.

Size- Body: 76.2 to 109.2 centimetres; Wingspan: 130 to 170 centimetresWeight- 3 to 9 kilogramsHerbivore, eats seeds, flowers, roots, and berries, etc.

Habitat: WetlandsRange: Breed all throughout Canada and the United States of America, except the extreme southern parts of the U.S.ALifespan: 10-24 yearsPredators: coyotes, Arctic foxes, northern raccoons, red foxes, large gulls, common ravens, American crows, carrion crows, brown bears, and American black bearsStatus: COSEWIC Miscellaneous factsCanada geese are very communicative social birds and loud honkers. You can often hear them honking in the sky as they’re migrating.Adult geese have 13 various calls, and their babies can start communicating with their parents when they’re in the egg.They build their nest in about the same area as their parents did.The males and females look the same, unlike many other bird species.They are known as waterfowl water birds, but they spend an equal amount of time on land and in the water.Canada geese migrate in a firm path, with rest stops along the way, most of the time the same one for their whole life.


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