2.1) A survey/research was carried out to find

2.1) IntroductionWe have been tasked with the provision of a Digital Market plan for E M Properties.

The plan itself has been researched, revised and drafted by Dominic Online Solutions. Dominic Online solutions is comprised of the following members: Mr Ephraim M Pitere, Mr Mpho B Pitere together with Ms Rea R Pitere. The team comprises of Website specialists as well as traditional and Digital marketers.

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As Dominic online solutions, we offer a lot of services ranging from the creation of digital market plans, website development as well as website hosting. Most of the projects that we have worked on appear on our website and one must proudly say, all of them have positive reviews.E M Properties approached us so as to come to their rescue as business seems not be doing good anymore. A survey/research was carried out to find out as to what could have been causing this. Upon conclusion of the study undertaken, it was discovered that their downfall was due to the traditional/conventional methods of marketing that they were still employing.

As such their marketing efforts were not reaching most of the market that is most suited for their sales/rental/valuations transactions. It was upon these findings that we embarked on devising an up-to-date version of how marketing is carried out nowadays; Online Marketing for Real Estate agencies.2.2) Business DemographicsE M Properties is a Real Estate company that is focussed on the assistance of residential housing needs ranging from entry level to top of the scale. They deal with sales, rental as well as valuation needs.

Based in Table View, they operate around Parklands, Sunning-dale and Table View areas. It is a real estate business that has been in operation for the past 15 years, been built after Table View and Sunning-dale experienced an influx of people to these areas. This necessitated an increase in the number of residential properties and most of these got developed around Parklands. The business seemed to have done well about five years back, however, they have experienced a decline in their business although the area seemed to extend and expand continuously.

Demographically, elements like age, family situations, income, ethnicity, gender, economic mobility, employment and other demographic factors like business planning to healthcare infrastructure, from education programs to style choices were considered to determine the shape of the society. A diverse market exists made up of a young population that is still in single relationships thereby still requiring basic accommodation type, to single type family homes with multiple bedrooms and plenty of space for children to run. Most of them are employed, earning middle to upper income and mobile, resulting in homes that would have secure parking for their vehicles.

The area itself is surrounded by healthcare as well as educational facilities and shopping centres on all sides. An industrial area that is still in the making exists towards the exterior of Parklands itself. Development is on a continuous basis around these areas; a promise of jobs in the making, and ultimately the population is on the rise and as such, some type of housing would be required over the next couple of decades. All the above-mentioned factors especially economic mobility assures one of a promising future for E M Properties and as such a proper marketing plan would assist them in their quest to attract potential customers whether for sales or rentals.


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