2 Outline who may be


2 Outline who may be involved in advanced care planning.Advance car planning centres on discussions with a person who has capacity to make decisions about their care and treatment. If the individual wishes, their family, friends and health and social care professionals may be involved, it is recommended that with the individual’s agreement that discussions, regularly reviewed and communicated to key people involved in their care.2.3 Describe the type of information an individual may need to enable them to make informed decisions.Statements of wishes and preferences can include personal preferences, such as where one would wish to live, have a shower rather than a Bath, or just wanting to sleep with the light on and the bedroom door open.

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Sometimes people may wish to express their values, e.g. The welfare of their husband and children are taken in to consideration when decisions are made about the place of care. Sometimes people may have views about the treatment they do not wish to receive, but do not want to formalise their views as a specific advance decision to refuse treatment. These views should be considered when acting in a person’s best interest but will not be legally binding. A statement of wishes and preferences cannot be made in relation to any act which is illegal.

E.g. assisted suicide.


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