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2/26/2018ContentsPart 1: LO1 1Introduction 11.2 Communication 31.3 Competitor profile 7PART 2 (LO5) 112.

1 Context 112.2 Response 13Part 3 LO6 14(3.1) Evaluation 143.2 Communication 163.

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3 Recommendation 17References 20Part 1: LO1Introduction 2degrees is a famous company around NZ which deals with telecommunication. It was launched in May 2002. They mainly deals with prepaid, post-paid cell phones services on the another hand they also do fixed lines services and broadband.Later on they had started dealing with mobiles phones and also started provide cells on contract bases which buyer have to pay in 24 equal instalments.

They had spent probably $550 Million to cover networks all over NZ.• The recorded name of the company is 2 DEGREES LIMITED• While the company number is 1205645 & NZBN (New Zealand Business Number) is 9429036¬¬-525379.(Have to put screen shots and details in appendix)• Listed address of the company is 16A Mays Street, Devonport, Auckland 0624 New Zealand.• Directors of 2degrees? Dean ROBERTS? Glenys ROBERTSThe address of two of the directors is same as address of company that’s 16th of Mays street, Devonport.

• The registered shares are divided 50-50 with two off the owner as there is only 100 shares.• The start date of company was 15th day of May 2002; the day company registered itself under rules and regulations.• Company provides services which mainly includes1. The main services they provide are calling (44cents per minutes), Voice mails ; messages which cost 9 cents per SMS ; mobile data internet.2. They provide application which is based on cloud it shows the mobile balance and bills.3.

They also provides fibre services, business WIFI, standard business lines in partners with chorus NZ 4. TV cable etcetera• Officially 2degrees have 58retail outlets which include 33 in Auckland ; 7 in Christchurch.https://www.2degreesmobile.co.

nz/store-locator/ They offered their products in 1,523,741 places which mainly includes `supermarkets, petrol station and dairy shops etcetera.• 2degrees is an Aotearoa company and serve throughout New Zealand as its NZ private limited company.1.2 Communication • 2 degrees NZ have its own official pages on Face book, Instagram, twitter ; linked IN.Face book The official name of the page on FB is @2degrees with total of 164,990 likes and 157,881 followers.

For any kinds of queries people can message on Face book account and they usually reply there within 1 day (as per survey on Face book) can see fb account ; put it as a appendix. Furthermore they have account on Instagram2degreesmobilenz Followers- 1782Following- 1834They had started a scheme to make more consumers of their network by giving 1GB of internet free everyday with $50 plan. On the another hand, they also using twitter page named as @2degrees mobile with current 20.4k followers and 2221 likes. Last but not the least, they have 10,117 followers on their linked in account named as 2degrees NZ ltd.• If people have any complaint or query they can directly contact on 022 200 2000,0800 022 022or can email on [email protected]

co.nz or [email protected] (https://www.2degreesmobile.co.

nz/contact-us/) • Company have option of online chat on https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz.In this people can share their reviews, can pay bills, and can talk with robotic person who can solve the problem in a second. Another option of appointment with consumers is sharing the post on social networking sites.• Some samples Customers asking questions and getting reply from company in the below pictures 1.

3 Competitor profile Competitors are the one who is operating similar business in market as ours or providing same services on cheap or similar price.https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/competitor• According the surveys there are mainly 3 companies who are on the top in mobile network providerBut there are some companies who are using the networks of spark like skinny who is using their network for operating their services.https://www.backpackerguide.nz/cellphone-networks-new-zealand/(put in appendix as ss)All of the above companies providing same services for example Vodafone and spark also providing SIM’s for mobile number, internet fibre services, landlines & mobile phones on contract bases etcetera.

There are many businesses who are vending similar products. These companies are as followinga. Vodafone NZb.

2 degreesc. Sparkd. Warehouse mobilee. Compassf. Slingshot g. Blue skyh. Skinny• In 2k15 2degrees confess that they having total 13, 00,000 included pre and post-paid consumers.

2nd spark said in year 2016 that they are handling 22, 93,000 customers including companies who are using their networks in market.On the-another hand Vodafone NZ was reported with 24, 02,000 people connected with Vodafone (Parker, 2016)https://www.calibrate.co.nz/strategy-planning/dominates-new-zealand-mobile-market-q3-2016/• There are many reasons that affecting profits of the company:1. According to NZIER, in last 4 years people demanding for mobile data was increased by 600% which makes challenge for the companies due to it many companies enable to cover that much of demand and face some losses.

2. Last year 2017 spark promised to start with 5G network in NZ. But due to less technological advancement they got failed. But people got fibre at home which providing 300MB per second speed which is starting speed. According to NCIER & GSMA In year 2008 people using 64% of 2G networks & 36 percent 3G But in 2k13 they changes so rapidly and made 64% of 3G, 30percent 2G & 6percent of 4G network.Due to it some of the companies Have to increase the prices and people change to skinny network who is providing $30 pack with 3GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and texts including NZ & Australia.

But all another companies like 2degrees facing problems.https://www.sparknz.co.nz/content/dam/telecomcms/sparknz/content/news/NZIER-Mobile-Industry-in-NZ.pdf PART 2 (LO5)2.1 Context• Every business have problems it can be internal or external, some are dangerous or some are negligible As on 26Feb 2Degrees got some problem in their system & sadly they have to shut their work for some time. Badly people face problems with re-new/top-ups of their plans, checking of mobile balance & changing of plan for few days.

Company confess that was an upgrading some internal software.Due to all that their customer care number got busy as they are handling 1.2 million customers. So people wait a lot to complaint all the issues.

They feel strongly sorry for all that happened on all their social networking sites, NZ heralds & even personally message many consumers.• There are many affects that can make companies reputation down which is follow:1. All this cause makes reputation down because of bad comments of their customers & they hadn’t performed well for some days.2. Due all these comments many people holding higher level of experience left the job due to future growth and profit of company. Because this major issue of 2 degrees can affect their employees as well.3.

Many loyal or daily customers might change their network services provider. Because of their bad customers services as many people showed the screenshot that they was in waiting for last 1 hour.All these shows how much people was dis-satisfied with company and their without notice faults.Even 2degrees lose many of their customers.• Every business has stakeholders but the main participants are customers.Customers are the owner of market and in this case the owners are involved. People who are using 2degrees services got problem for some days due to it they did not get connected with their dears and nears. Because not working with calls, messages and internet.

Even some of people facing business losses due to not working of landline number as well.According to stuff.co.

nz: People was locked out of their internet accounts of 2degrees. There was a couple went to some business trip named as Sade ; Kim they commented we was in trip and we need to calculate who much they had spent on trip but due to login failed to their account. For her and her partner the upgrade was on worst time as they said.https://www.

stuff.co.nz/business/89813820/2degrees-gives-free-calls-and-texts-in-response-to-upgrade-frustrationAccording to NZ heralds: Frustrated man said that company were ignored the affected people due to them.”He also said this is not the way company treats as we paid so much of our hard work”http://www.nzherald.

co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3;objectid=11807806Due to all this company might loss some of loyal buyers.Put SS of stuff ; all media websites in appendix2.2 Response• As it was the problem of company that they did not notify the people who are using their networks that our internal system will be under upgrade. Sherriff the CEO of the company said thanks for bearing with us ; feels sorry because of long waiting time on customer care number.2degrees provide free calling ; texts to the people who got affected within NZ ; Australia for 48 hours. So company can sort out the issue.

Many people comment on internet was this is not enough.Later on they had opened a scheme to divide 500 megabytes of free internet as compensation to their valuable consumers ; offers new monthly cheap packs as well.Later on people were happy and joined 2 degrees again.http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/02/free-calls-and-texts-for-2degrees-customers-in-the-aftermath-of-system-fault.

htmlPart 3 LO6 (3.1) Evaluation2degrees focusing very hard for satisfying the consumers as they charged.a. They had built online platform which gives answers of customer’s questions in a seconds. So customer doesn’t need to wait a lot on phone calls.According to company blog: This platform can satisfy buyers by 84% overall.


nz/business/blog/will-artificial-intelligence-really-help-business-in-nz/b. They made a robot named as Avatar. It works like a human body and they will be setup in Auckland. They had designed to give best solutions to customers with human personality.Appendix with photo.c. They had appointed fresh and new front desk staff with high level of satisfaction rated.• Impacts can be positive and negative as well, but 2 degrees got positive impacts on the business after making everything fast and online.

It helps people a lot because they made an option to pay online with any kind of card, Eftpos card, Master card and so on. 2degrees might spend a lot to makes customer happy by giving free calls, texts and GB’s of free data but overall they reduced by loss because of more people joined them. a. They had got 12 percent less loss then last year by making everything online the loss is now $33 million. http://www.

nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11454983b. As people like everything in a second so 2degrees will going to shut 2G networks this march and started with 5th Generation network which will be 5G and its speed will be as a fibre broadband.This all will make 2degrees first network taking 5G introduced in NZ. They cannot do if they didn’t change their staff with highly qualified and experienced people.https://www.

2degreesmobile.co.nz/company/news-and-media-releases/2degrees-to-close-down-2g-access-in-march-2018/ 3.

2 Communication • Customers are the most crucial stakeholder because they are directly affected by the company in every mean. For e.g.: due to mistake of 2degrees millions of customers only suffered.If company will increase the prices of their products customer suffers because they need to pay more for the same thing that they getting cheaper before. They work like lifeblood for every company because without companies no one will get paid.• For human being blood is important and for any business customers are crucial factor. If 2degrees won’t have customers then sponsors will be in loss, employees and management will be fired up by company and supplier won’t get money for their services.

So for run up of business smoothly they need loyal buyers.https://mg312.wordpress.

com/2011/09/06/customer-stakeholders/ 2degrees already got loyal consumers that are still with them after their mistakes.Every business can get sponsors easily but not the product buyers that why customers are called as most crucial and important stakeholders.• There are many methods of communication such as speaking and written.

The main examples of speaking communication are calls, face to face ; for written e-mails, messages and letters.The most appropriate method of communication are text or messages because it don’t require internet to excess. We can easily transfer a simple text message to someone and gets reply in some seconds. It is very convenient source of communication then another.

https://www.cliffsnotes.com/study-guides/principles-of-management/communication-and-interpersonal-skills/methods-of-communication3.3 Recommendation I do have many recommendations that should be done by company as I did many surveys with friends, roommates and neighbour. i. Proper communication: Company should create such a platform if they are having large number of calls cues from customers. Then call should divert to another office which will within New Zealand it will help to save precious time of consumers.

According to me they should open toll free lines because NZ have many international students who earns very less and they are just able to buy cheapest option which mainly have 100 minutes for 30mins which is very less. And personally I wait for 45 min in cue with 2degrees. Company should know the difficulties of customer as well. ii. Charges: another thing I will recommend to 2degress that they shouldn’t include the days in bills on which there system was under update or out of order. The latest outage was of 3 days but people paid to company for those days as well.

Even company should waver that money whatever it will be small amount will people might be happy with it. Instead of that company should give them discount coupons, movie ticket vouchers. iii. Credits or benefits: according to me 2degrees should provide some sort of extra allowances to the people who are paying before due date or who already paid for whole year in advance.They should provide them a SIM which have loaded with unlimited calls and messages. This all leads to makes buyers loyal to the company and can win more market then other similar companies.

iv. Free monthly subscriptions: 2degrees should give one month free subscriptions to the people who got suffered due to them. But the thing I likes that they are giving 1hour of free unlimited data daily to their consumers which is totally free of cost.

v. Updating of plans: 2degrees have some plans in which they are giving unlimited calling and unlimited texts with 1GB of internet data for 30 days. As today is era of technology people like to use whatsapp, Instagram, we chat and so on rather than sending text messages. Company should take care of customer need that they are looking for limited texts and unlimited internet in such kinds of flexi plans. References1. Anon, (2018).

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