2.1 which is already uploaded on Google

2.1 Existing applicationWe saw different types of application on Google app storelike which is already uploaded on Google play store like trip it and tripadvisor etc in previous application there are some error for finder onlinehotel and hostel etc these application will only show the location but did notgive you the detail of that institution like phone number and their head name. We have though to build that application that can be use inAttock city for finding and registering different types of technician inAttock. So we select the application online technician finder inAttock to build that application for safe time of the peoples who are living inAttock.

2.1.1 Trip itIt is an android app for tourist on Google play. It gives theinformation about hotel, airlines and resort in tourist area where tourist willonly finder the location of hotel etc. And never give the contact informationfrom which users contact with that hotel to book a room. 2.

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1.2 Trip advisorIt is free app but it only give informationabout hotel, resort and booking airline ticket etc. not giving a detail abouttechnician in a specific city. 2.1.3 Nearby Map It is an android application in which user will finddifferent types of nearby location for example user find park, ATM, university,taxi, bus, airport, gas, police etc but never give contact number to contactwith the head of these institution.  2.1.

4 Nearby placefinder: This is also an android application in which user searchpopular places from your current position like bakery, cafe, airport andaccounting. This application shows a distance from you current location topopular place only. 2.1.

5   Restaurant FinderRestaurant finder is also an android application in whichuser search different restaurants in different cities. And also give theaddress of that restaurants where the restaurant is located.   2.

2       Issue in above systemIn above android application you will search different typesof historical places and restaurant when you give any city name. Someapplication in above are searching places from current position and some arenot. Issue in above application is that these application will give you theaddress of popular places but never give you the contact number for alreadybooking for example restaurants finder is an application in which user searchthe restaurant in different cities but this application will never give anycontact number for contacting. If contact number is given so user will gain thenumber and will contact to restaurant manager and give order before coming torestaurant.  2.3       System DesignWe will design an application in which user and admin havedifferent profile. User and admin interface consists of full name, email, phonenumber, and password. There will be a combo box.

When you click on combo itwill open a page where there are different types of technician name like wallpainter, carpenter, electrician, plumber and vehicle mechanic. Technician needto select a category from which he has idea or have a business. After doingthis technician will successfully register in our android application and savehis data. Admin will have eligible to delete any fake technician after deletinghis business will delete his business from our application.  User have same interface like admin but different is that incombo box there is a word which is customer which is by default selected.

Afterdoing this customer will successfully registers in our android application andthere data will also save in database we use firebase database which is freeonline database.


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