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420003263900175001760220Research proposalTraining and Development450000Research proposalTraining and Development
33617644047080Higher College of Technology – Dubai Men’s College
LSC 2533 Research Methods
Handed by: Mohammed Yousuf Beshwari – H00303046
00Higher College of Technology – Dubai Men’s College
LSC 2533 Research Methods
Handed by: Mohammed Yousuf Beshwari – H00303046
TOC o “1-3” h z u Part 1 – Mind Map PAGEREF _Toc524896308 h 2Part 2 – Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc524896309 h 2Main question: PAGEREF _Toc524896310 h 2Secondary research question: PAGEREF _Toc524896311 h 2Primary sub-questions: PAGEREF _Toc524896312 h 2Phase 3 – Background research report and justification PAGEREF _Toc524896313 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc524896314 h 3Background report PAGEREF _Toc524896315 h 31-Employees motivation and satisfaction PAGEREF _Toc524896316 h 32-Enhance job retention PAGEREF _Toc524896317 h 43-Reduce employee’s turnover PAGEREF _Toc524896318 h 44-Increase productivity PAGEREF _Toc524896319 h 4Proposal for research PAGEREF _Toc524896320 h 5References PAGEREF _Toc524896321 h 5
Part 1 – Mind Map

Part 2 – Research Questions
Main question:
What is the impact of training and development on the organizations and employees?
Secondary research question:What are the reasons behind employee’s turnover?
How could the manager’s roles affect employee’s retention?
How employees reward system helps in retention?
Primary sub-questions:Do the employees at the organization have the necessary training programs?
Does the rewards that the organization offers helps with employee’s retention?
What are the benefits of employee retention in the organization?
How does training motivates employees?
Phase 3 – Background research report and justificationIntroductionTraining play a significant role in developing the employees who positively improve the productivity of their organizations. In every organization training is important to develop the gaps and weaknesses area of their employees. Training programs are benefiting both the employees and their organization as the employees become more efficient and effective so they help in increasing the productivity of the workforce. Training is needed to be given for new candidates who joined the organization to make them familiar with the organization goals and objectives. It’s also needed to be given for the exiting employees to improve and refresh their performance. Also, the training is important to keep updated with new technology and changes. The training programs are continues and never ending in nature because we need to keep improving and following the new skills to maintain good quality of performance. The objective of this report to collect findings about some specific topics such as impact of training and development, reason for employee’s turnover, managers role in employee’s retention and reward effect in employee retention. Those topics will be discussed to approve the relationship between the employee’s training and retention. This report paper will include mind map, background report and proposal for research. This report will conclude with a proposal for research within the Higher Colleges of Technology.

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Background reportThis report will focus on the impact of training and development on the employees and organization. There will be four subtopics in this report such as employee’s motivation and satisfaction, enhance job retention, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity. Those topics are chosen as they are the most important and they are the main impact to look at in this report.
1-Employees motivation and satisfaction
Training helps the employees to get motivated and job satisfaction. Motivating employees are the most important to have good quality of work as it affect the organization success. The more motivated and satisfied employee the greater his moral and this will lead to achieve the organization objective in high quality and on time with no delay problems. Each employee contributes to an organization’s overall function so once they understand how their work fits into the organization structure, objective, and achievements they become motivated and excited about their work CITATION Eri18 l 1033 (Feigenbaum, 2018). When the organization provide good training program to their employees this makes the employees feel more satisfied as the organization is taking care about their knowledge and skills. Training can help in improving the work quality, outcomes, and performance as a result this leads to have satisfied and motivated employees as they feel happier in performing the work. Training make the employees more excited to their organization success. Training gives the employee career development as it helps them to realize their goals by getting education and skills that they need to learn new aspects of business. When organization give training to their employees they are valuing their people which improve the workforce of the organization.
2-Enhance job retention
Training increase employee retention by investing the appropriate training in employees. Training provide good feeling for the employees as it helps them in growing, learning, adding new skills and exploit opportunities. Being will train makes the employees more comfortable in what they are doing. When employees feel knowledgeable they will not let anyone down and they will perform professionally to maintain good quality of work. Employees enjoy coming to work when they feel their efforts make a difference for the organization CITATION Bus13 l 1033 (Business Know-How, 2013). Organization must keep their employees interested in continuing their career by providing appropriate training to demonstrate that the company value them. Having the right training program will lead to have employee satisfaction which is a bridge to increase employee retention for the organization.
3-Reduce employee’s turnover
When employees have a good environment in which it provides for them the needed training and developing program this will increase the loyalty and they will not let the organization down. Employees will stay and they will maintain good performance for the organization because of the reward that they get once they are developed. Reducing employee’s turnover by developing the workforce such as adding new technology, reward, and increment. Once the employee feels satisfied and motivated they will keep doing and giving their best performance for the organization and never look for new job and even think about another organization.
4-Increase productivity
Training program have become the most desired employee benefit available. Workforce view training and development as critical for better productivity because it help to have efficient and effective employees in the organization. Well qualified employees will accomplish their work in less time and high performance as they will help the organization to achieve objectives on time. Also, well trained employees have control over their job which need less direction over them and this frees their management to take care of other tasks CITATION tra13 l 1033 (trainingmag, 2013) “Investing in employees’ future is more important than immediate compensation,” said Eric Rolfe Greenberg CITATION Eri18 l 1033 (Feigenbaum, 2018). Programs that develops the work skills and future business are effective to maintain and increase organization’s productivity.

Proposal for researchTraining and development is important for UAE because nowadays new technology systems are enhanced to be used in most of the organization so we need to follow up with it. UAE’s companies are well placed and they soon will take an important position internationally so they need to have qualified performance, well trained employees, high productivity, and good environment. Expo2020 will be hosted in UAE and this derives all the organizations to improve and develop to achieve the required level. Employees need to have good knowledge and skills to consistent with new systems, objective, and plans.
In terms of UAE we would like to know if the Emiratization population are motivated, satisfied, trained, and developed with their work or not. Also, we would like to look at the new strategies and plans to improve the Emiratization work force. In addition, we would identify the effective strategies in terms to motivation and satisfaction, enhance job retention, reduce employee’s turnover, and increasing productivity.
Our research in the college help us to learn more in term of UAE by answering many questions regard our topic which is about training and development. It provides for us many information about UAE in the library that we can use in the secondary research to develop our research and answer our questions.

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