The used to store the food; the

The animals that commonly used in this experiment is the embryo of a chicken.

By doing this chick dissection, it is to be found that there are some differences between the anatomy of a mammal and a bird. First, there is a difference between the anatomy of a mammal and a bird in the digestive system. For mammals, they have esophagus and the stomach.

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For the birds (avian), they have esophagus, a crop and stomach. However, the stomach is made up of two parts, the proventriculus is used to store the food; the gizzard is used to grind food into smaller pieces. Nevertheless, the main difference is that chicken (bird) has a cloaca where the digestive, urinary and reproductive system all meet. Furthermore, the chicken’s heart (bird in general) is much larger relative to its body size.

      In recent years, animal dissection has raised ethical and environmental concerns regarding the killing of animals. Animals usually suffer when they are captured, handled and killed for dissection. Hence, some of the ethical behaviors that I think human should obey to when dissecting an animal for  research purpose. When dissecting animals, the dissection process should be specifically raised for the scientific biological purpose, it does not allow to be intentionally cruel to the organism. Besides, respect for animals during dissection by minimizing adverse harms to those animals with applying high standards of scientific integrity. Furthermore,  the scientist should provide recommendations and advice to the authorities regarding the care and use of animals for research purpose especially for the aspect of animal dissection.

      From the experiment above, chicken is optionally used to educate about the anatomy, mainly through dissection. In order to gain experience in operational practices, students are required the acquisition of skills to perform in animal operation in this experiment. 


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