1. Vietnam and USA being apart of
the TPP with the regional free trade agreement. This will help both countries
economically due to Vietnam and USA trading a lot between themselves. The exports
from Vietnam to USA grows by the years with more then half of the exports to
USA being textile and garments.

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2. Problems with the USA trading
with Vietnam can include workers rights for the Vietnman workers, and also the
exchange rate policy.

3. State owned conglomerate means
that it is a bunch of small companies working under one company. They each run
on their own then report back to the main company. This Vinatex company has had
a lot of success in the textile garment industry.  



1. ASEAN will be able to accomplish
things such as having a bigger market, less barriers on imports/exports, people
can find more job opportunities, easier to expand business within these

2. ASEAN community has tried to
innovate and get together with people who think alike in these different
countries to create one supply chain under vertical integration. SAFSA was created
to integrate 14 factories in south east Asia to create quality garments.

3. The travel traffic between the
different countries will have to be adjusted. Labor costs between the AEC
countries will have to be looked at and adjusted. As well as making sure all
technology and equipment is up to date.



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