?INTRODUCTIONIn increasing access to an analytics tool

?INTRODUCTIONIn the essay, we are going to discuss how national Institute of health is organizing its large amount of data and new techniques/ideas about managing and storing of data. The National Institute of health agency has a new plan for how to manage, Store and analyze its scientific data.ESSAYThat national Institute of health on June 4 (Monday) Announced a new technique which uses artificial intelligence, Supercomputing and other technologies to change the way it manages the data. The National Institute of health agency has a strategic plan for data science as it is facing a lot of challenges in recording its large amount of data and They plan to put their efforts in the following five broad areas:improving data structure insecurityBreaking down information silosincreasing access to an analytics toolexpanding their data signs about forceCreating findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable datasets.

By the efforts of the National Institute of health. it helps to enable the biomedical discoveries an innovation.In daily life, more than 3,000 group submit data to National Institute of health in many different sectors like epidemiological Studies, genome sequencing, clinical trials and some of the other medical research topics. By 2025, the agency imagines/estimates that it’s storage of data will outgrow the total amount of data generated by Astronomical research, YouTube and some other sectors combined.

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As the information is expanding daily it is very difficult to store, protect and distribute the data across the National Institute of health. The cost of data storage may limit the researchers from generating new data and even most of the stored data is also not linked to each other and unformatted data is also very difficult to locate as per National Institute of health. Due to significant challenges faced this is the right time for a strategy to store big data said Jon Lorsch, the director of NIH’S.

National Institute of health has already started its work for some parts of the plan and will finish out the plan quickly by next year.In the new strategic plan by Jon Lorsch, he said that the agency would move to a Software-as-a-service model for storing, analysis and sharing of data and also create tools to oversee the data science initiatives and also focusing on security of its data and infrastructure. As National Institute of Health is focusing on a new strategy of storing data they are also planning for the training program for current employees to improve their technical skills and help them to adapt to new technologies and offering them one to three years posts of data scientists in a private sector.

National Institute of Health explained its strategy to change over the coming years.CONCLUSIONThe National Institute of Health announces a new strategy of storing and managing data and how to help research centers in storing large data and they also focus on Software-as-a-service model and adaptation of new plan by educating employees.


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