1. as the beliefs of an individual as

1.     Thetwo words that are used interchangeably, but are different are ethics andmorals.

Ethics are defined as the rules that come from an external source andmorals are a person’s own principals in response to what is right and wrong.Morals are known as the beliefs of an individual as to what constitutes rightor wrong. Ethics are what guides that individual to decide on what constitutesgood or bad. Some differences of ethics and morals include that morals dealwith right or wrong and ethics deal with what is good or bad, morals areguidelines created by society and ethics are responses to a certain situation,and the morals are expressed as statements, but ethics are abstracts and notstatements.

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 2.     Thefive examples of what is legal, but not necessarily ethical consist of thefollowing: Cheating on a significant other is legal, but some may see it asunethical; Lying is legal , when not in the presence of being under oath, but somemay see it as unethical; Breaking promises is legal, but some may see it asunethical; Abortions are legal, but some religions may see it as a sin which tothem and some others is considered unethical; and The death penalty is legal inmany states, but some may consider it unethical.  3.     Moralityis to be taught, seeing that there is no way to know or even find out if thatindividual was born good or bad. The things that contribute to a person’smorality include how they were brought up, the role models in their lives, andthe experiences they go through.  4.

     Inmy opinion, police officers are there to protect people. They go out every dayand risk their own lives to ensure we are all safe. Personal experience is whatinfluences most people’s views on police.

With that being said, I have neverhad a bad experience with police, so I do not have a negative view of police.In lieu of some of the recent situations I just feel like those police officershandled those situations wrong, but not all police officers should be put underthe same light as those who did something wrong.  5.     Ethicsand etiquette are connected through the simple fact that they are applied tohow a person acts or their behavior at a given time. Etiquette gives usguidelines for how we should act.

Ethics are what guides a person to decidewhat is good or bad. These two together help us to interact with each other andbe able to have better relationships with people.     


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