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Tracy Lott 16/02/2018
Level 5 DET
Unit 2
2.4.5 Explain how the student’s own delivery of inclusive teaching and learning has
taken account of theories, principles and models of learning and communication.
Teacher intervention and target setting, as well as evidence of assessment are
where I feel my strongest elements belong. I will also look to improve my teaching
and seeing this as also improving the students learning.
I believe in constant development of my skills and look to attend training courses to
improve my practice I can use within the classroom, evidence of this is the Society of
Education course for Hearing and Visually Impaired I am attending on the 25th
February 2018, I have been delighted to see a change happening within SEN that
will be used within the classroom, all the time we see a change and I see the
development of my minimum core in this area as vital. A good working relationship
with the students is vital as well. With the Homework study skills workshop I teach, it
is promoted but a lot is down to personal choice of the students to attend afterschool,
if I am unable to create a good supportive learning environment it will show in
numbers attending. A large part of developing a good working relationship with the
students is having a comprehensive, in depth, understanding of the learners through
the baseline knowledge of the students’ abilities and on-going assessments and
student feedback at the end of a course is accentual to show up what may need to
be changed and developed.
Having evidence of assessments throughout the course are essential not only for the
students but for me as the teacher as well. It is a great resource to be used in future
courses when building strategies and planning. Informal assessments work well for
me to assists in setting student targets are a great and a valuable way of showing
evidence in showing student progression. I feel it also gives the student and I time to
sit 1 to 1 and discuss the ways in which they learn best as all students learn at
different rates and styles.

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