1- agriculture. There were inventions made that

1- The essay states Renaissance means rebirth. The time period known as the Renaissance of the 1400s-1700s was a big change in European history. Art and literature had blossomed and many scientific improvements. 2- Renaissance is sometimes referred to as the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages was a very dark time that involved lots of major things like humanism, culture, and agriculture. There were inventions made that led to people learning science and medicine. 3- There was a movement that developed called humanism and people needed to have an education to carry on with their work.4- The printing press gave the Renaissance and humanism more momentum. Because of it, shopkeepers and street sweepers afforded articles and books, which covered the new ideas spreading in Europe. People looked at their world and each other in a different way.

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5-Middle Ages: The Middle Ages started at the fall of the Roman Empire which was around 500 CE and ended in 1350 CE. The Middle Ages were also known as the Renaissance. They were really dark times.


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