1- broad questions in hopes of finding specific

1- Studying philosophy is very beneficial for the student, because they will learn how to be happy and also how to have a meaningful life. The student will also learn the ability to think and evaluate ideas while critical thinking. Understanding the distinction that Aristotle made between knowing how to do something and understanding how the something you are doing takes place, if the main benefit in my opinion.2- The Socratic Method of Teaching as its name shows is based on the legendary Socrates who was well known for asking broad questions in hopes of finding specific answers.

Is one of the oldest and powerful methods of teaching. The method develops critical thinking and involves giving students questions but not answers. In this way students engage in critical thinking, analysis, evaluation of the questions, discussion between them of their different point of view.

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3- Critical thinking is the commitment of the thinker in rational deliberation, exploration of all evidences and reasons, and the evaluations of different point of view. The premises provide reasons in support of the conclusion or position taken by the argument. Dealing with evaluation of philosophical arguments critical thinking is the engagement in a rational deliberation, investigation of facts and reasons.4- Induction is the type where we have strong evidence that even though isnot an absolute proof; make us assumed the truth of conclusion.

Deduction is the process of reasoning from one or more statements known as premises to reach a logically certain conclusion. Abduction is believed to be commonly employed by people on a regular basis.5- Philosophy of Religion; Nature of Existence; Aesthetics; Ethics; Logic.Chapter 2 1- Dualism says that all real objects are or physical or nonphysical, it is meaning that can be inside or outside of this universe. Materialism says that all real objects are physical, it is meaning that to be real is to be seen and touched. Idealism says that all real objectives are nonphysical.

2- The four views is Extreme or platonic realism, exaggerated realism, conceptualism and extreme nominalism. Extreme realism is an exaggerated realism and extreme nominalism. Exaggerated realism Aristotle argument that universals and particulars exist together and that they do not have their own realities. 3- In my opinion Anaximander was way ahead of his time, he thought that all dying things return to the element they came from. He also believed that it wasn’t an element like water, fire and air.

In a sense he was correct as we today known that we don’t observe the primary substance anywhere in the world.4- Phythagoras is said to have maintained that all things are numbers, and numbers are ideas and ideas are immaterial. Therefore all things are immaterial, everything is composed by numbers.


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