1. is increased without considering the environment


      Natural resources pollution as a direct impact of over used by thehouseholds and communities which is one of the subsequence of modernity that iscontinuing to postmodernity as the sprawl and individuality with recognizeddifferent groups of modernity wants their own space using more land andresources. 2.      The incremental dis-jointed plans in postmodernity which allows forpowerful voices to be heard more, created zones of poor and reach in which thewell-been life of the reaches and powerful assist in creating a life ofsuffering from basic demands of less fortunate. In which they are exposed tomore pollution and an adequate sanitation and rapid use of energy.3.      Improper and uncontrolled solid waste which are also subsequencesof modernity as individuals demand for more goods is increased withoutconsidering the environment impacts. This can have direct impact on humanhealth wellbeing and also contaminating both ground and underground damagingboth natural and built environment, not only in the urban areas but also in thesurrounding regions (Bhatta, 2010a; Ichimura, 2003).

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4.      Changing the functions of land-uses to adapt to the increasingpopulation for both residential and industrial purposes, for example theagricultural lands and forests are decreasing causing the whole region toinstability of resources and materials, making the urban areas depending onother regions to provide the residents needs of food, water, and energy (Bhatta, 2010a; Ichimura, 2003). Increasing the ecological footprint perperson. 5.

      The demands for transportations within urban areas is increasingdue to the larger scales of cities as peoples and goods need to travel moredistance. And as the impacts of modernity still outstands most of the cities are shaped and supported byprivate cars which causes; traffic congestion, air pollution by CO2 emissionsfrom cars, more travel time.


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