1) Achieving food and beverage sales Controlling chinaware,

1)    Food and beverage service objectives             Food and Beverage Service Objectives The foodand beverage service is looked as a means of achieving satisfaction and making yourselffeel comfortable in today’s world.

The main objectives of this service are tosatisfy the following needs:·Physiological: The need to tastedifferent varieties of food. ·Economical: The need to get F Servicesat the    invested cost. ·Social: The need to find friendlyatmosphere. ·Psychological: The need to elevateself-esteem.

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 2)  Food and beverages services  ·       Toprovide high quality food and beverages. ·       Toprovide friendly and welcoming atmosphere.·        To provide professional, hygienic, andattentive service·        To impart value for money.·        To retain the existing customers and to bringin new ones. 3)   Food and Beverage Services in HotelMost of the star-ranked hotels offermultiple Food and Beverages services in their hotels. They can be -·       Restaurant·  Room Service·  PoolsideBarbecue/Grill Service·  BanquetService·  Bar·  OutsideCatering Service4)    Responsible parties of food and beverages in an hotel                Restaurant Manager The Restaurant Manager looks after the overall functioning of arestaurant.

The responsibility of this staff member include§  Ordering material                                                                                                                                                                                                         §  Preparing reports of staff and sales     §  Managing budgets                 Banquet Manager                 Work on staff budgets to ensure the facility meets its profit goals.A banquet manager helps hire, train,manage, discipline and terminate staff. He also determines the distribution ofgratuities, usually built into the bill.·       Achievingfood and beverage sales  Controllingchinaware, cutlery, glassware, linen, and equipment ·       Handlingdecorations and guest complaints·       Providingspecial requests·       Purchasingrequired stock by following appropriate requisition procedures                   Bar Manager               A bar manager isan individual who directs, controls and plans the activities of a bar. Strong employees are workers whoare healthy and happy but also collaborative, creative, innovative, accountableand decisive.

§  Managing and monitoring bar inventoryfrom store to bar§  Tracking all types of drink sales                                            Food Safety Supervisor                       A Food Safety Supervisor is a person whois trained to recognize and prevent risks associated with food handling in anF Services business. He holds an FSS certificate that needs to be no morethan five years old. He is required in an F Services business so that hecan train and supervise other staff about safe practices of handling food. 5)   Planning a menu in order to satisfycustomers                                      A menu is a list of dishes plannedfor production in a catering operation and may include full meals, snacks orbeverages.

Before deciding what to add to the menu we should considerabout quantities, price as well as the taste of the food. Otherwise thecustomers who came earlier won’t come again if the courses and quantities arenot good Therefore -o  Thechefs have to know what the customers like and at what times of the day aresuited for those.o  Menusneed to be planned for the customer and not the managers or staff of theestablishment.

o  Thestaff must know how to prepare the demanded foods well and to the qualitystandards desired. o  Theatmosphere should be light and relaxing and not tense and noisy.o  Theyneed to serve dishes in attractive ways to tempt customers.o  Theefforts put in to please customers and satisfy them should also generate profitfor the establishment to make it worthwhile.


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