1- and fish are used in testing.

1- Experimenting on animals was documented in Greek physician- scientist like Aristotle and Erasistratus. 2- The most used animals for experiments are rats and mice.3- Any medicine or any cosmetics are first tested on animals.4- Animals are used because they have short lifespan and are not complex unlike humans.5- Cosmetic testing on animals is ban in India, Norway, and Israel and EU countries.

6- Countries like china, japan, USA, Australia, France, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Brazil are the top 10 countries that perform animal testing. 7- 2.3 million Animals were used for experimenting in France in 2005.8- Animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, Guinea pig, hamster, mini pig, farm animals, and fish are used in testing.9- Testing on animals has proved beneficial over time to prevent people from using certain toxic drugs and other products.10- All the cosmetic products of the china or imported cosmetic product is mandatorily tested on animals.

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11- During cosmetic testing 50% of animals die within 2-3 weeks after experiment.12- 95% of drugs tested on animals are either dangerous for human or fails to treat the illness.13- Chimpanzee is 99% genetically similar to humans and mice have 98% genetically similar to humans. Therefore, scientists believe that results would be effective.14- At least 50 experiments and 12,000 animals are required for a single pesticide registration.15- Because of anatomical and physiological differences between humans and animals, testing drugs and new methods of treatment in animals is inefficient and even dangerous.16- There are at least 450 different methods to replace animal testing.17- Before being on the chemist’s counter, the drugs undergo numerous animal tests for 15-20 years.

18- Less than 2% of human diseases are similar to animals.19- Rats have different metabolism activities than humans.20- Different sex give different results in laboratory animals but there is nothing like that in human.21- One in every six patient is in hospital because of the treatment.22- WHO studies shows that measles development in children increases after taking vaccination.23- There are many medicines that have failed animal test but are very effective for humans.

24- Every year around 115 million animals are used in laboratory for experiments.25- There are many drawbacks for example blood transfusion got delayed 200 years because of animal studies.26- Corneal transplants were delayed 90 years because scientists were experimenting on animals for years. 27- 5% of animals that are used in labs for experiments are not protected by Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

28- Thalidomide was used for morning sickness for pregnant women, but so many babies died and around 15,000 babies were born with limb defects.29- The results from animal tests are routinely altered by diet, light, temperature, lab staff and bedding.30- Tests on rats to find out what causes cancer in human is only 37% accurate.

31- According to the government data, in 2016 3.9 million experiments were done in Great Britain.32- Polio vaccines were tested on monkeys so it was delayed for 40 years.33- Vioxx medicine had killed approxiamtely60, 000 patients but in lab the heart of mice, monkeys and of other animals was normal.34- More or less 40% of patients have side effects because of the medicines.

35- 90% of animals used in testing are off of the animal testing statistics.36- Some labs buy shelter dogs for experimenting. 37- There are many drugs in the market that causes cancer in lab animals. The medicines were accepted because it is admitted that animal tests are not significant always.38- Every second around thirty-three animals die in laboratory worldwide.39- Because of vivisection the successful ectopic pregnancy operations got delayed for 40 years.40- Arsenic, hemlock and botulin are safe according to animal tests but lemon juice is poison.41- According to survey, 84% of people agree that there should be law to prohibit any experiment on animals.42- According to the Royal Commission into vivisection (1912), ‘The discovery of anesthetics owes nothing to experiments on animals’.43- Half of the side effects of humans are not even seen or detected in lab animals.44- The great Dr Hadwen noted “had animal experiments been relied upon…humanity would have been robbed of this great blessing of ananesthesia.”45- 30 HIV vaccines, 33 drugs for spinal cord damage have been developed but there are not effective for humans.46- Every year 2.1 million Americans are hospitalized by medical treatment.47- Vitamins, water, oxygen, vegetable oils and 1000s of different substances are 97% safe for humans but are dangerous for lab animals.48- Though many Vivisectors are getting Noble Prize, only 45% agrees that animal tests are crucial.49- A German doctors’ congress concluded medicines causes 6% of fatal illnesses and 25% of organic illness.50- A survey was conducted of 1000 scientists in the field of bio medics, 90% of scientists agreed that it is necessary to perform experiments on animals.


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