1- with them. 13- They hid there for

1- Anne frank was Jewish diarist was born in German on June 12, 1929.2- Anne Frank real name was Annelise Marie Frank.3- Otto and Edith Frank were Anne Frank’s parents.4- Her father was in German army during World War I.5- Her family moved to the Netherlands in 1933, when Hitler came to power. 6- Her father had been arranging his business in Amsterdam and place to hide.

7- But in 1940 Hitler invade Netherlands and in 1942 he ordered to kill all the Jewish people.8- In 1942 Anne’s family went hiding in secret place in her father’s office in Amsterdam. 9- Before going hiding Anne Frank gave her cat, tea pot and a tin of marbles to the neighbor to keep safe.10- The secret place was annex which can be access only by a moving bookcase.

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11- Along with Anne mother, father and sister there were other people who were hiding with them.12- Frank’s friends-Hermann and Auguste van Pels with their son Peter, and Fritz Pfeffer, a German dentist were with them.13- They hid there for 2 years.14- They had to keep quiet and stay inside all the time.15- Anne Frank kept a dairy throughout 2 years.16- The diary was a gift on her 13th birthday.17- She calls her diary ‘Kitty’ or maybe she was referring to some imaginary friend. 18- She wrote about everything, how they moved to Amsterdam and every detail.

19- She wrote about how they were discriminated and separated. 20- Her diary was covered in red and white checked cloth with small lock on it.21- Other than her experiences about hiding and war, she also wrote short stories and quotations.22- Gerrit Bolkestein, Dutch Education minister asked the people to keep their dairies about world war.23- The speech was inspiration for Anne Frank and she started rewriting her diary with the name ‘The secret Annex’.24- On 4th August 1944 all eight people were arrested by German secret police and four Dutch Nazi officers.25- There are no clues or information how they were discovered.

26- Anne’s diary was retrieved by Otto’s friend, Miep Gies in hope to return her.27- All of them were transported to camp Westerbork of northeastern Netherlands. 28- On 3rd September they were transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp. Soon after all the men and women were separated.29- It was the last time Anne Frank saw her father.30- Anne and her sister spend months working hard in camp.31- In inters of 1944 the two sister were transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

32- Her mother died of starvation on 6th January 1945.33- Anne’s sister died in 1945 due to typhus.34- Anne at the age of 15 died of typhus on 12th march 1945.35- Few weeks after the death of the sister the camp was liberated by British troops.36- Anne’s father was the only survivor of all the eight people.37- Her father came back home in search of his family. 38- Miep Gies returned the diary to her father.

39- He read the whole book bit by bit because it was very tough to read painful memories.40- Her father decided to publish her diary.41- The Dairy of a Young Girl or The Dairy of Anne Frank was first published in year 1947.42- The dairy was translated in 70 different languages.43- About 30 million copies of book were sold.

44- Some portions of the book was not published because of the intimate description oby her of her body.45- The Dairy of Anne Frank is one of the most famous books in the world.46- Her sister, Margot also used to write dairy, but never found.47- The secret Annex of building at Prinsengratacht 263 was opened to public as museum in year 1960.48- Her original diary is on display in Annex.49- The Anne Frank House is the second most popular museum; it receives about 1.

2 million visitors a year.50- Anne’s family visa was denied by U.S.as refugees.51- A school in Alabama tried to block the book in school because it was a real downer’.52- Some people, who denies Holocaust believe that diary of Anne Frank is fake.53- Many investigations of handwriting, ink and paper was done to put the rumor to the rest, but nothing was found.

54- She had a dream of becoming an actress.55- Anne Frank was recorded in a video watching the neighbor’s marriage. It is on the YouTube.56- Her diary explains the pain and suffering of all the teenagers during the war time.

57- In Anne’s diary there is a description of small romance with Peter vans Pels, son of Otto’s friend and one of the eight people in warehouse.58- Anne’s relation with her mother was not so good, but after living in Annex she realized that she was hard on her mother. 59- In some entries of diary she desired to pursue career in journalism and writing. 60- Anne Frank’s diary inspired so many people around the globe.


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