1 its international power. This can merely

1 An explanation on the importance of English core modules to the Namibian universities.

1.1 Introduction In today’s global world, the importance of English cannot be denied and ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere. With the help of developing technology, it has been playing a major role in many sectors including medicine, engineering, and education Daniel and Floren and Morgen (1983).

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A study by Nattal (1982), stated that it is the most arena where English is needed. Stanovich (1986) suggested that as a developing country, Namibia needs to make use of this world wide spoken language in order to prove its international power. This can merely be based on the efficiency of tertiary education. English should be the medium of the following three reasons: finding a higher quality jobs, communicating with the international world and accessing scientific sources in the students’ major field based on Nattal, (2002)’s study. Therefore, the three reasons are the benefits of English to students for different Namibian universities.1.

2 Higher quality jobs achievementThe first reason for why English should be the medium of instructions at universities in Namibia is that it helps student find a high quality jobs for students. In business life, the most important common language is obviously English. Weaver (1988) explained that, especially high quality jobs need good understanding ability and speaking in English. The companies can easily open out to other countries, and these companies can generally employ graduates whose English is fluent and orderly. For example the student who is graduated from university which takes English as a major language will find a better or high quality job than the other students who don’t know English adequately. In other words studies by miller and Yochum, (1999) and Donell and Wood (1991) maintained that the students who know English are able to be more efficient in their job because they can use information from foreign sources and web sites.

They can prepare their assignments and tasks with the help of this information. Therefore, undoubtedly their managers would like their effort or prepared projects. In addition, many high quality jobs related with international communication and world wide data sharing.

University graduates who are in an international company and business are needed to communicate with foreign workers. For instance, if their managers want them to share the company’s data, they are expected to know English. Moreover, they will even have to go business trip for their company. Absolutely, all these depend on speaking English as a result, new graduates have to know English in order get high quality jobs and the others who don’t know English, may have a lack of communication and be paid less money. Speaking and writing English is more essential for the purpose gaining higher or better quality jobs after graduating at universities.

1.3 Effective communication with international worldAccording to an explanation made by Mellin, (2010) on the second most important reason for English to be the medium of instruction in Namibian higher education systems is that it enables students to communicate with the international world. In these days Mellin, (2010), stated that the most important thing for both university students and graduates is to follow the development in technology.

For this reason they have to learn common language. Certainly, they should not lose their interest on communicating with the world. However, some of universities students can’t obtain English education in their university. Unfortunately, these people may lose their communication with world-wide subjects and topics. In short, they will not communicate foreign people.

To prevent these people from lacking of speaking English, universities administration will provide English education to them as core modules. Mellin, (2010) added that, university students can use some specific hardware and software of computers with their English to communicate others. For example, the internet, which is the largest source in the world, based on English knowledge and information.

Also most of the software’s such as “Windows”, ”Microsoft Office”, “Internet Explorer” are firstly written in English, and these programs are the basic vital things for communication over computer. That is to say even I a little research about something, they need these programs and the internet to find necessary sources and information. Zeestan, (2015) added that there are several factors that make the English language essential to communications in our current time. First of all, it is the most common foreign language. This means that two people come from different countries, for example an American and Angolan usually use English as a common language to communicate that is why everyone needs to learn the language in order to get in touch on an international level. English is also the method through which students and lectures within universities share their ideas and thoughts with each other’s.

another explanation is one that power precisely on speaking English at universities. Most of the students at universities in Namibia, whether foreign or indigenous students they are all likely to speak English within and outside their respective universities premises because English has become an international language and has become important language to people in many parts of the world Johnson (1990). 1.4 Facilitate accessing informationStanovich, (1986) suggested on the last reason for favoring English as the medium of instruction of Namibian universities is that it facilitates accessing information.

All of the students have to do dome projects or home works which are related with their field during the university education. Stanovich, (1986) further explained on projects or home works, students have to find some information which is connected with their subjects. They find sources from English websites and books, but they have to replace this data to their projects.

Melin, (2010) further added that during this process, if students get to know English they will not come across with difficulty, but if they don’t know English, even they may not use this data. As a result, Melin, (2010) added that the students who know English will be more successful at their projects. For this reason to obstruct possible inequity between students, Mellin, (2010) suggested that management of universities should accept English as a second language in order to provide accessing information to the students. In short, university students need to know English to access information. Furthermore Thomas, K (1980) expressed on his idea that English at universities in Namibia is important with the an example that it helps students and lectures to interact within class hours, he also explained that most of the students are from different environments and cultures. English has become their medium of exchange as they intend to communicate with each other.

1.5 Conclusion Finally, Nattal, (1982) and Weaver, (1988) and Stanovich, (1986) concluded that education in universities should be done with English core modules for three reasons. First, students who know English are able to find their favorite job related with their field of study. Secondly, they can communicate with others internationally. Thirdly as a major language in universities, English makes accessing information easy for students.

Internationally, people need one common language. For many years English has been the common world-wide language and it will be in future. For this reason, if you want to follow trends, new gadgets and technology, modernization of the developing world, everyone have to know English whatever age is him/her is in.


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