1. The Auschwitz Camp had 3 main camps-the

1. Auschwitz was infamous concentration camp that was the site of the most mass destruction of civilians in the history of mankind.2. The Camp was located near the Polish city, Auschwitz.3.

At the entrance to the camp of there was an inscription in German- “Arbeit Macht Frei” which means ‘work sets you free’.4. The number of dead people at Auschwitz is more than the combined death of British and Americans in WWII.5. The Auschwitz Camp had 3 main camps-the original camp, a combination concentration/extermination camp, and a labor camp.6. With these three main camps, there were forty-five other satellite camps.

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7. Auschwitz was guarded by about 6,000 SSs.8. The first group of prisoners, consisting of 728 Polish political prisoners, they were Soviet prisoners of war, gypsies and thousands of Jews.9. In the spring and summer of 1944, three to four trains arrived daily at Auschwitz-Birkenau, bringing in 3 to 3.

5 thousand people.10. The main task of the prisoners of the concentration camp was hard work for the benefit of Nazis.11. The prisoners who could not work anymore were sent to the gas chambers.12. 6 days a week prisoners were required to work.13.

The death rate of workers in the first 3-4 months after arrival was about 80%.14. According to the rules of the camps, the people have to be tested for any infectious diseases and had to take bath.15. The prisoners were forced to get naked and ordered to take bath and those who seem unfit were sent to the gas chamber.

16. Every tenth concentration camp personnel were women.17. The most destructive invention was gas chamber and crematorium.18. Children, elder people, and disabled people were directly sent to the gas chambers.19.

The homosexual people were also sent to the camp.20. Most Jewish children were killed immediately after their arrival.21.

On September 1944, 12,300 children from Kaunas were sent to gas chambers. 22. In early October 1944, there were 2,510 boys and girls in Auschwitz. On January 10th 1945, there were 611 left.23. In the camp, more than 1 million Jews, 1000,000 USSR people, and 150,000 Poles were killed.24. The ash from the crematorium was used as fertilizers for the agricultural field.

25. German doctors performed many experiments on the people of camps.26. People at the camp were injected with deadly infections and studied further.27. Even the children were injected with a high dose of tranquilizers.

28. Dozens of men and women were exposed to large doses of X-ray irradiation with further removal of the genital organs.29. First aid was also not provided to the prisoners after irradiation and castration operations, which lead to the death of most of the people.30.

Prisoners were also used to find out optimal ways of treating the serious wound. For that, they were planted by metal fragments, glass pieces, nails, dirt or anything they find.31. In the camp, there were only about 7,000 weak and sick prisoners of Auschwitz from more than 20 countries.

32. A number of weak people were so less because they shot the people who are not strong now.33. More than 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz Concentration Camp and 90% of them were Jews.34. Before sending prisoners to the gas chamber their hair was shaved. 35.

The hair of dead people was used as the fabric to sew rough working clothes.36. At the time of Holocaust Jewish boxer, Salamo Arouch was also imprisoned at Auschwitz and he was forced to fight with the other people.37. The children born in the concentration camp were killed in a brutal way – they were drowned in metal barrels.38. Josef Mengele was the doctor at camp and was known as ‘Angel of Death’.

39. Mengele performed many experiments on twins and abnormal children.40. Mengele used to sew two children together or exchanged the organs of the twins and many more.41. To change the eye color of the children, Mengele injected chemicals in the eyes of them.

42. At Auschwitz, about 60 million Reichsmark, equivalent to £125m today, was generated for the Nazi state by slave labor.43. Maximilian Kolbe was a priest who volunteered to die for another prisoner who was crying for his family.44. Anne Frank’s father survived the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.45. At the time of Holocaust, a Jewish woman exposed around 3000 hiding Jewish people to Gestapo to save her family.

Ever after that Nazi sent her family to camp.46. The meals for prisoners was a slice of bread, 0.5 liters of black coffee and 1 liter of ricotta soup, several grams of sausage and margarine.47. Most of the people who survived through labor work, at last, died from malnutrition and starvation.48. In Auschwitz camp, there were special rooms called starvation cells.

49. To punish the people they were thrown into these cells and left inside until they die without eating.50. There is an experiment conducted on women of the camp, a special solution was injected into the uterus and then it was removed and studied further. 51.

Witold Pilecki was Polish army officer; he volunteered to enter the camp to find out about the situation and to gather information. 52. Witold Pilecki managed to escape the camp and that’s how the world knew about the camp.

53. People of villages living near the camps used to help the prisoners by providing food.54. The Polish peasants were evacuated from the vicinity of Auschwitz by replacing them with loyal German settlers from the families of SS servicemen.55. Despite the appalling conditions at the camp, some prisoners continued to struggle for their rights and freedom.

56. January 27, 1945, was the day when the prisoners of Auschwitz were liberated.57. Soviet army liberated the prisoners, more than 7,000 ill and dying prisoners were found. 58. Antoni Dobrowolski was the oldest survivor of Holocaust. He died at the age of 102.

59. Three prisoners managed to escape the camp. They dressed as Nazi officers and stole the car of one of the officer and escaped from the main entrance.60.

In the history of the camp, about 700 attempts were made to escape, 300 of which were successful.


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