1. I hate school I find every subject

1. Pick three (3) characters in the movie. Describe their roles and state how they impacted you as a viewer.Ishaan Awasthi – He is the main actor he impacted me very much because it think of him as me to be honest I hate school I find every subject difficult I have been already told that my teachers belittled meI also fail at most of my quizzes but when I found a teacher that helped me in high school.Ram Shankar Nikumbh – Art teacher he infects students with joy and optimism he impacted me because he is like my old teacher who helped me he was patience with me he gave me motivation to finish junior high school he was also the one who made me realize what I am capable to do in my life. Mr. and Mrs. Awasthi – Parents of Ishaan they taught he will never have good grades they impacted me because they were used to the same technique in teaching they never tried to adjust with ishaan it’s hard for them to accept the truth that ishaan is genius in other ways they were not used to the ways of ishaan’s geniuses 2.

If you were to be part of the story, which character would you be so you can make a significant difference in the life of ‘Ishaan’?I would be Nikumbh why he has an extraordinary enthusiasm with childrens with exceptional needs additionally he found an answer for ishaan’s concern he helped him enhance his craft abilities likewise Nikumbh made ishaan’s folks understood that he isn’t languid or miserable he additionally said that ishaan should be dealt with well and acknowledged to them. 3. Identify an issue/problem that is predominantly brought up in the film. There 3 problems in that movieFirst one is family issues – there wrong in the style of parenting of ishaan’s parents and it affected him. his father he never have enough time with ishaan he can’t guide him he always punish ishaan when he gets into troubles well in fact he never asked what happened why did he do that.

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They never did understand ishaan they never cared for his condition until nikumbh made them realize of ishaan’s conditionSecond one is child labor – nikumbh saw a little child working and he mentioned that “Putting your ambition to the child is worse than child labor” Third one is the Education system – The way they educate their understudies humiliating the understudy before the class giving disciplines and beating them since they didn’t comprehend the lessons it doesn’t help with their orders likewise they were simply bringing down confidence of the understudy the terrible words they tell the understudies the fantasies they were demolishing only to study.


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