1.6 through looking how social influence elements influences

1.6 SIGNIFICANT OF THE STUDY The importance of this research is to figure out the major causes that navigate Malaysians to buy a property in Perak. It concentrates on home buyer’s purchase purpose towards residential property in Perak. These research studies contribute a level of knowledge to PKNP and to create awareness on the consumer preferences before buying residential houses.

The descriptive research helps the property developer to understand the criteria of Malaysian property buyers in terms of the selection of residential property investment, demographic preferences, and the property details that have been most preferred by property purchasers. Simultaneously, these explorations will prepare a point of view of the general behavior and investment approach of individual. By belief buyer’s preferences, PKNP will be able to gain more knowledge of their products and potential purchasers (Tan, 2011b).

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By having this exploration, it has assist the individual and buyers in making determination in property investments by understanding the top attribute of properties that buyers considering when buying a property. Beside that, this research is effective for PKNP. Developers can understand the buyers’ needs and want before they launch any new property or housing projects.

By having this research which it can support the PKNP to seize a huge amount of customers and avoid the loss of market share. For instance, is through looking how social influence elements influences their purchase purpose on residential property in Perak. Only reputable and prestigious developers will develop positive words of mouth and products produce by the developers may spread throughout the social circle of an individual that had purchased the property from the developers. By doing this research it enables PKNP to examine the factors that will persuade buyers purchase decision in purchasing a residential property in Perak.

This research gave contribution to educational researcher who wish to understand the connection between the customers purchase intention and the elements that affect the buyer’s purchase decision in buying a residential property in Perak. Throughout the research, the learner will gain a lot of knowledge and deep understanding about the residential property so that to help them have a lot of information regarding the property market. The learner will be able to understand more about property sector especially in residential property especially housing property. Besides that, this study also can be recommendation or references for other boffin or specialist who have passion to study more about the property market and related research areas.

This research will assist them to figure out more about the consumer buying decision when buying a residential property in generally. In Malaysia situations, the Ministry of Housing necessary must take an effort to raise the attention and the analysis of the residential property throughout the whole nation (Tan, 2011b). Therefore, with the information that was provided in this research, the ministry will be able to gain a comparative knowledge about the element that contribute to the purchaser decision in purchasing a residential property.

The ministry can advertise campaigns, Expo, press conference, events, seminar, talk and forums which able to build the public awareness about residential property in general. In this study, the ministry can act as a reason that influence the customer’s purchase decision in purchasing a residential property in Perak which can support the developers to have a better knowledge about the purchase behavior. This study will also assist the developer to search the benchmark which the purchaser looking when buying a dream house.

Moreover, it will support the developers to gain a lot of sales when they meet the request of the demands by the market. Furthermore, hopefully this research can create more information’s for the students, upcoming buyers, future boffin and so on. Looking at the tendency, this research to get a handle on the consideration of the perusesFinally, the petition of this research study created great information to the marketer regarding the customers purchase pattern in regards with the element that contribute to their purchase purpose on the residential property in Perak.

Thus, it places the marketer a huge barrier to control which they need to invest huge amount of capital for marketer to begin their property projects. Which means, this research prepared crucial information for developers to begin their housing projects. The marketer played a significant important task in delivering information’s about the purchaser purpose and element they will considering when purchase a residential property. Beside that, this study will figure out whether utility or service such as schools, financial institutions, library, shop lot, clinic or hospital, public transportation, and so on will derived an important responsibility for purchaser to buy a property.

With the mushrooming of the property price and property developers getting more, is the property developer branding make any significant to this research. This research will contribute to the future home buyer, developers, country economy Ministry of Housing and future boffin. 1.7 CHAPTER LAYOUT The collections of the research contain of five chapters as following: In Chapter 1, it demonstrates the research results which represent as the summary of Chapter 2, 3, 4, and 5. The opening introduction of the research project in relation which the purchase intention in residential property is comprise.

Besides that, the research background in the problem statement and the research objectives, research questionnaire and significant of the study are further review. In Chapter 2, the introduction and review of the suitable literature about the element will be review. Moreover, the review of the suitable theoretical approach is needed and the conceptual framework is urged for further study. Therefore, suitable hypotheses will be arising and finally conclusion of Chapter 2 will be drawn. In Chapter 3, the research design will be more details. In addition, the data collection methods will be discussed.

Subsequently, sampling design and construct measurement will be securitized. Besides that, data preparation process will be illustrated and data analysis that express the program used to interpret the data is discussed. Ultimately, there will be the conclusion for Chapter 3 by providing a synopsis of the main themes addressed in the chapter. In Chapter 4, it will demonstrate about descriptive analyses which deeply discuss the respondent’s demographic characteristic and central of tendencies measurement of constructs. Nevertheless, inferential analyses are involved as it is important for explore the individual element and its relationship with another element.

Finally, conclusion of Chapter 4 will present the connection for next chapter. In the Chapter 5, it will contain about the introduction as a connection to the main themes of the previous chapter and outline of the aim and organization of the Chapter 5. This chapter will present the outline of the statistical analyses of the whole descriptive and inferential analyses. Besides that, it also added the discussions of the major findings to justify the research objectives and hypotheses.

The implications of study which also been added the managerial implications create the practical implications for policy makers and practitioners. Last but not less, the limitation of the study will be talk about.


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