1. the NCO to represent Hohenfels. SSG Scott

1. The purpose of this memorandum is to recommend SSG Scott for NCO of the year. He arrived at Hohenfels DES in March 2018 and assigned to Traffic Management Collision Investigation. In the time assigned to the DES, he has been performing far above his peers. He is a hard charging, dedicated and motivated NCO who takes any mission head on. SSG Scott graduated Military Police Advanced Leaders Course, earning the title of Distinguished Honor Graduate. 2.

He earned the Army Physical Fitness Badge for Excellence on his Army Physical Fitness Test. He demonstrated self-development by earning a bachelor’s degree with a 3.8 GPA from Colombia University. He constantly displays extreme professional work ethic and sets the example for others to emulate. Through a rigorous and challenging process, he was inducted into the Sergeant Morales Club (SMC). He has mentored and coached two NCOs to compete and become members of the SMC. 3. I believe he has what it takes to compete in NCO of the year board.

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SSG Scott motivated five Soldiers within DES to achieve Commandants list in Basic Leaders Course. He stressed professional development and inspired Soldiers to complete over 25 semester hours of college. SSG Scott demonstrates exceptional leadership and knowledge that disseminates amongst Leaders, Peers, and Subordinates alike. He made a visitor sign-in tracker that decreased actions for violations by 50 percent. 4.

He supervised security for the Volksfest, resulting in a safe event for over 32,000 patrons. SSG Scott qualified and earned the German Armed Forces badge in Gold for weapons proficiency. He’s ready to take on this challenge and become USAG Bavaria NCO of the year. I ask that you take this into consideration when selecting the NCO to represent Hohenfels.

SSG Scott is focused, lives by the Army Values, NCO Creed, and the NCO Vision.5. SSG Scott is the epitome of the Warrior Ethos and demonstrates it every single day. He always places the mission first and never accepts defeat due to his strong will.


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