1. Introduction and Organization Chart
The case of nestle S.A. is been investigated inside this paper and extra particularly how the enterprise’s operational strategies are finished in direction for Nestle to acquire but also sustain aggressive advantage inside the market. As it may be visible from beneath, a complete and well-organized evaluation is furnished emphasizing the company’s four major operational management pillars of corporate strategy, capacity planning, product and process design and finally, total quality management (TQM). It is being tested from the analysis that Nestle S.A. is presently following and imposing numerous competent operation strategies that have certainly contributed to the dominant market role nestle holds towards its competition inside the industry.
1.1. Nestle S.A. – Brief business profile
The selected multinational associate for seeking the report is Nestlé S.A, which is a Swiss multinational food and drink company where it was founded more than 150 years ago. Henri Nestlé was a founder and a German pharmacist, launched his Farine Lactée, a combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar, saving the life of a neighbour’s child. Nutrition has been the cornerstone of the company ever since 1866. It is the world’s largest food and beverage company, measured by revenues. The business does 98.59% of revenue outside of Switzerland. Growth accelerated and companies were acquired. At present the company operates in 86 countries around the world and employs around 283,000 manpower’s.

1. Introduction
Oceans make up seventy percent of earth’s surface, and are the largest place to sustain and accumulate various species. However, humans’ wastes, such as oil spill, industrial toxic wastewater, and garbage dumping, are becoming the killer to harm the oceanic ecosystem after rapid advancement of industrial and technological development. The most destructive is the plastic waste, which cannot be biodegraded, and becomes the most severe for the health of the oceanic ecosystem. The scientists have already begun to face this problem, and are trying to find a way to resolve it.
The purpose of this research paper is to present the characteristic of plastic pollution in Pacific Ocean. First, the report presents the causes of the great pacific garbage patch. Then, it demonstrates the effects on marine ecosystems and humans. Finally, it will make a recommendation of what humans can do to improve and save the Pacific Ocean.
2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a giant plastic field in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. This section will discuss the ways of plastic debris enters into the Pacific Ocean, and present the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s characteristic and discovery.
2.1 Distribution of plastic objects into the Pacific Ocean
The plastic debris is the main element of the garbage patch, so it is necessary to explore how the plastic objects go into the Pacific Ocean. According to the Quantitative Distribution and Characteristics of Neuston Plastic in the North Pacific Ocean (1985), the usual way to find the plastic objects are brought by ships such as lines, nets, and floats. In addition, it is possibly any kind of plastic package or object would be discarded and lost to the sea. Plastic objects would suffer natural division to turn into small fragments. Moreover, the plastics’ density, or trapped gas will lead to plastic fragments float on the ocean and cannot sink.
2.2 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch characteristic
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the massive and immovable region of the North Pacific Ocean bound by the North Pacific Gyre. The gyre’s rotational pattern attracts waste debris across the North Pacific Ocean. Moreover, when the waste debris imprisons in the currents, wind- driven surface currents move floating fragments slowly toward the center, and trapping them in the section.
The garbage patch’s size is still unknown because large and visible waste items are uncommon to see and lots of small fragments are suspended at or just below the surface that they are difficult to measure by aircraft and satellite. Sea Studio Foundation reports that the garbage patch’s is roughly twice the size of Texas, and containing approximately 3.5 million tons of trash.
2.3 The discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
In 1988, the patch was predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States, which on several Alaska researchers that measured the neustonic plastic in the North Pacific Ocean. This research already revealed the high concentrations of marine debris have increased and accumulating. Until 1997, while Charles J. Moore was returning home from Hawaii to Southern California, he and his crew discovered trash floating in the North Pacific Gyre, and then he wrote an article about the extent of garbage and the effects of sea life, which attracted high attention in the media. As he described in Natural History (2003):
“I was confronted, as far as the eye could see, with the sight of plastic. It seemed unbelievable, but I never found a clear spot. In the week it took to cross the subtropical high, no matter what time of day I looked, plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments.”
And then, his colleague named this floating junk yard “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. Although, he was trying to use other names to instead, “Great Pacific” already has stuck.
3. Effects on wildlife
Plastic trash in oceans is killing millions of creatures each year. In this section, the paper will reveal the toxic matters release when the plastic objects break down in oceans and the effects on the whole ecosystem.
3.1 The toxic compounds of plastics
“Most people in the world believe that this plastic is indestructible for a very long time,” said Katsuhiko Saido, a chemist at Nihon University in Chiba, Japan. However, according to a new study, plastic in the ocean will decompose, and release chemical compounds into the water, it might harm and threaten animals and humans. As National Geographic News (2009) reveals that the researchers collected samples in waters from oceans and discovered all the water samples were found to contain derivatives of polystyrene, styrene trimer, and bisphenol A. The polystyrene is a common plastic used in disposable cutlery, Styrofoam, and DVD cases, animals digest system would be damaged if it is mistaken. Bisphenol A has been shown to interfere the reproductive system of animals, while styrene monomer is a suspected carcinogen.
3.2 Plastic with marine birds and animals
“No matter where we go, we find plastic,” said Charles Moore. “The ocean is now the plastic soup, and we just don’t know what that’s doing.” It is not difficult to imagine the plastic debris would be mistaken by marine species. According to the United Nations Environment Program, Plastic kills over a million birds, 100,000 marine mammals and turtles per year. The animals are killed commonly by entanglement, synthetic fishing lines and nets. Furthermore, the plastic derived chemicals are another threat toward marine animals. Through the food chain, Pollutants also become more concentrated as animals eat other contaminated animals. While human is the top of food chain, it could be a potential damage to human health.
4. Examples of reducing the plastic garbage
In regards to retarding the plastic pollution, some scientists and governments already have started actions. There are some effective examples in this section.
4.1 Clean up
In April 2008, Richard Sundance Owen established the Environmental Cleanup Coalition (ECC) to address the issue of North Pacific pollution. ECC cooperates with other groups to identify using tools to safely remove the garbage from the Pacific Ocean. In addition, some people tried to remove plastic waste from the world’s coastlines, for example, there is an annual beach cleanup organized by Judie Neilson, in 2008, the event beckoned more than 70,000 volunteers worked together to collect more than 1,600,000 pounds of trash.
4.2 Law toward solving plastic pollution
In April 1988, the U.S. announced The Plastic Pollution Public Education Program, the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency have to conduct a public outreach program to educate the public that including recreational boaters, fishermen, and other users of the marine environment regarding the harmful effects of plastic pollution, the need to reduce such the pollution and the quantity of plastic debris in the marine environment, recycling plastic materials, and requirement of preventing pollution from ships.
5. Recommendation of reducing plastic pollution
Reducing plastic garbage is not only responsibility by scientists and governments, but also individual person and their family. People can be more careful to use the plastic consumption, indeed practice reusing and recycling, purchase items made of recycling materials, and stop buying and using bottled water. Although at least 650 tons garbage has been removed from the Pacific Ocean since 1995, new garbage is still brought by wind and hurricanes from lands into oceans, so if people would not reduce to use plastic products, the situation will not really improve forever.
6. Conclusion
As this paper has stated, the Great Plastic Garbage Patch is a significant issue. It does not only affect marine ecosystem, but also human beings. The patch is characterized by the extremely high concentrations of plastic debris which has been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. Moreover, while plastic objects are being broken down in the sea, they can release toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A to imperil oceanic organisms. Furthermore, cleaning the massive and uncountable plastic patches in the Pacific Ocean can become a tough job. Ahead of finding out other better solutions, governments should have more preventive laws to restrain plastic garbage production and disposal. All in all, human behavior changing is the only hope to improve our oceanic environment. If humans do not stop to dump garbage in oceans, more scientists or more remedies cannot prevent oceans going to die.

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction to System:-
Nowadays, customer service oriented companies facing difficulties of lengthy queues. These problems often occurred in the banks, post office, Restaurant, Super mall and airport and it became worsen when the time reached peak hour. In general, queuing is a line of people waiting to be serve and the movement is from a central to a specific place. Thus, a queue management in our system must handle and organized queue formation in the most efficient way and Crowed Analysis also perform for the better way to provide customer services.

We are going to use the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve this problem and provide efficient services to customers. Basically, this is an analytics project, use to enhance the services provided by the department and fulfil the requirements of customers.

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1.2 Objectives Of Project:-
Objectives of this project to enhance the customer services that build up customer satisfaction and decrease the average waiting time. The objectives of this project to:-
Investigate the current approaches that manage the Queue.
Design a working system for queue management system.
Design a system that work for crowed control.

Implement the system that provide suggestions based on analysis and detection.
Implement the system using mechatronic solution.
Evaluate the system for effectiveness.

1.3 Problem Specification:-
Many companies provide queue management system for controlling queues of people in various situations and locations in a queue area. Most of the techniques used are manually for a small space and simple flow and take decision after the situation arise. On the other hand, in this project has hybrid way to deal for a larger space and complex flow. The System produce the alert notification for manage queue before it become wide. These can be see widely used in banks, hospitals or clinics, super mall, airport and post offices.

2. Requirement Analysis
2.1 Study of current System:-
Many times, we have to wait in long queues for the getting services, which in return waste a lot of time and greater level of patience. Sometimes customers can miss some offers etc. Many companies provide queue management system for controlling queues of people in various situations and locations in a queue area. Most of the techniques used are manually for a small space and simple flow and take decision after the situation arise. System can’t provide suggestions before the situation become worst.

2.2 Requirement of new System:-
As in new system Artificial Intelligence is used so that it will analyze the customer’s activities and then take decision automatically from the detection and provide some effective suggestions to improve customer satisfaction. This system optimizes your on-time services to ensure customer satisfaction and make important business decisions based on real-time data. The aimed of data Analytics to provide guidelines for queue formation and organising it in most efficient way and provide some special offers. It is useful for estimate future bottlenecks and peaks thanks to predictive analytics.

2.3 Technology used
Artificial Intelligence:-
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

Machine Learning:-
Machine learning (ML) is a category of algorithm that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The basic premise of machine learning is to build algorithms that can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict an output while updating outputs as new data becomes available. The processes involved in machine learning are similar to that of data mining and predictive modeling. Both require searching through data to look for patterns and adjusting program actions accordingly. Machine learning algorithms are often categorized as supervised or unsupervised. Supervised algorithms require a data scientist or data analyst with machine learning skills to provide both input and desired output. Unsupervised algorithms do not need to be trained with desired outcome data. Instead, they use an iterative approach called deep learning to review data and arrive at conclusions. 
Computer Vision:-
Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do. Computer vision tasks include method for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information,. Computer vision is closely linked with artificial intelligence, as the computer must interpret what it sees, and then perform appropriate analysis or act accordingly.

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. PyCharm is the most popular IDE integrated development environments used for Python programming language. In addition, in the Professional edition, one can develop Django, Flask and Pyramid applications. Also, it fully supports HTML (including HTML5), CSS, JavaScript, and XML: these languages are bundled in the IDE via plugins and are switched on for you by default. 
2.4 Hardware-Software used:-
Microsoft SQL server:-
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications—which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network (including the Internet).SQL server aims to make the data management self-tuning, self-organizing and self-maintaining. SQL server also include support for structured and semi- structured data, including digital media formats for pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data. In current version multimedia data can be stored as BLOBs(Binary Large Objects),but they are generic bit stream.

PyCharm is the most popular IDE integrated development environments used for Python programming language. In addition, in the Professional edition, one can develop Django, Flask and Pyramid applications. Also, it fully supports HTML (including HTML5), CSS, JavaScript, and XML: these languages are bundled in the IDE via plugins and are switched on for you by default. 
SQLyog is the most powerful manager, admin and GUI tool for MySQL, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, Administrator, phpMyAdmin and other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL GUI tools in a single intuitive interface. SQLyog is a fast, easy to use and compact graphical tool for managing your MySQL databases. SQLyog was developed for all who use MySQL as their preferred RDBMS. Whether you enjoy the control of handwritten SQL or prefer to work in a visual environment, SQLyog makes it easy for you to get started and provides you with tools to enhance your MySQL experience. Build complex queries using drag-n-drop interface. Visually create SQL statements without the need to remember column names.

2.5 Hardware-Software Requirements:-
Hardware Requirements:-
External Hard Drive for Backup
Mobile device
Software Requirements:-
Notepad++, pycharm(editor)
SQL server
Web Browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)
3. System Design
3.1 Use Case diagram:-


3.2 Activity Diagram:-


3.3 Sequence Diagram:-


3.4 State Diagram:-


3.5 Class Diagrams:-


3.6 E-R Diagram:-

3.7 Data Flow Diagram:-
3.7.1 Context level Diagram:-

3.7.2 Level-1 DFD:-


4. Data Model and Description
4.1 Data Dictionary:-
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
Login_id Int – Primary Key
User_id Varchar 50 Not Null
Password Varchar 50 Not Null
User_Type Varchar 50 Not Null
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
User_id Varchar 15 Primary key
First name Varchar 15 Not Null
Last name Varchar 15 Not Null
Address Varchar 50 Not Null
Work-Location_id Varchar 20 Foreign key
Email-id Varchar 25 Not Null
Mobile no. Int – Not Null
Login_id Int – Foreign key
Password Varchar 20 Not Null
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
Video_id Int – Primary key
Video File – Not Null
User_id Varchar(10) 10 Foreign key
Table_ Work-Location:-
Column_name Data_Type Lenght Constraint
Work-Location _id Int 20 Primary key
Street_name varchar 20 Not Null
Landmark Varchar 10 Not Null
Area Varchar 20 Not Null
City Varchar 20 Not Null
Pincode Int – Not Null
State Varchar 20 Not Null
Country Varchar 20 Not Null
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
Complain_id Int – Primary key
Subject Varchar(20) 20 Not Null
Discription Varchar(50) 50 –
User_id Int – Primary key
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
Report_id Int – Primary key
Report File – Not Null
User_id Varchar(10) 10 Foreign key
Column_name Data_Type Length Constraint
Feedback_id Int – Primary key
Feedback Varchar(70) 70 Not Null
User_id Int – Foreign key
5. Canvas Sheets
5.1 AEIOU Canvas :-

Environment: –
Our project support multiple platform includes Linux, Windows.

Interaction: –
AdminWeb Portal
Mall Manager Web Portal
Customer Web Portal
AdminMall Manager
Mall ManagerCustomer
5.2 Empathy Canvas :-

By this Empathy Canvas we know about users, stakeholders and activities which are directly and indirectly related with stakeholders and users.

User: –
Mall Manager
5.3 Product Development Canvas :-

The purpose of our project is to queue control and queue analysis for provide the better services to customer. Another purpose is to find the best for manage and organizing queue in efficient way and to do the crowed analysis and provide some suggestions.
It is effective solution for minimize the average waiting time of customer and also provide fast billing facility.

Product Function:-
By using this web application service provider can manage queue and additionally get the alert notification bell for critical situation.

Product Features:-
User Logistic Analytics System has many features Some of them are Auto Detect Queue, Auto Billing Using Barcode, Face Detection, View Report, Alert Notification.

Components which are require to use User Logistic Analytics System are Mobiles, Tablets, Router, Computer, Modem etc.

5.4 Ideation Canvas:-

The main people are Mall Manager, Admin, Customer, Occupant, Bank, Hospital and compatible to any casual user, Professional users.
How are users related with domain, where and why are they related to domain is visualized through situation/Context/Location.

Queue Analysis
Offer Suggestions
6. Future Enhancement
Future Extension:-
Cash -;taking cash by the system itself.

Minimal use of humans resources-;We can make less human power at any retro.

7. Conclusion and Reference
7.1 Conclusion:-
Design and development of User Logistic Analytics System starts with the understanding of the queue system itself. which is very crucial to broaden the horizon of understanding. Then, the consideration of the control strategy and component to be use plays important role as guidelines to accomplish this project. In addition, several articles have been review to investigate the current approaches for managing queue control. Although the current approaches have proven to ease and give benefits to service providers, yet there are space of improvement in order for a queue system function efficiently and customer analysis and suggestions for offers.

There are some improvement can be made such as addition of sensors of cameras that can detect customers at a certain time. This method can improve the efficiency of a queue system as it alerts manager to counter fast on the situation.

7.2 References:-
www.tutorialspoint.comIntroduction to Machine Learning with python by Andreas C. Muller and Sarah Guido

1. ¿Qué rasgos del nuevo paradigma tecnológico basado en la información se pueden apreciar en la plataforma de la Web 2.0?
Entre los rasgos que podemos observar del nuevo paradigma tecnológico de en las tics se encuentran los siguientes:
– Existencia y necesidad de interacción entre los usuarios, por encima de la posibilidad de conectar sistemas en red de redes, está el poder de dar su opinión.
– El fácil acceso a la información, alterando la forma de encontrar la misma y tornando muy fácil, su acceso.
– Democratización de los medios de comunicación y difusión

2. En un escenario caracterizado por la preponderancia de la Web semántica, ¿Cómo se podría enfrentar el programa de alfabetización mediática e informacional?
En un mundo donde la web semántica, sea preponderante la forma de afrontar el programa de alfabetización mediática e informacional seria la potenciación del uso de los medios para compartir información, de manera interactiva, fomentando de esta manera el aprendizaje, utilizando agentes inteligentes para ampliar las posibilidades de desarrollar pensamiento analítico, de esta manera se puede hacer uso efectivo de la tecnología y por ende de la información en la internet.

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Bajo este esquema son necesarias las políticas orientadas a este tipo de programas, de manera que formen al ciudadano en el uso de las TIC, y que potencien lo descrito anteriormente.

3. Que cambios en relación con la producción y la innovación trae consigo la nueva figura social del prosumidor?
El prosumidor corresponde al consumidor moderno, según Toffler, el prosumidor se gana el derecho a ser escuchado e incluido en la elaboración de productos y servicios, dado esto es normal que se produzcan cambios en relación con los aspectos de producción e innovación, ya que esta figura emerge en un mundo saturado por la producción. Como ejemplo de estos cambios podemos citar los siguientes puntos:
– Personalización en Masa. La cual ha dado la percepción de que los productos están adecuados al consumidor, de forma general, ya no se desean productos que se fabriquen tipo copy paste, algo que surgió con la revolución industrial sino que el mercado se orienta cada vez más a productos personalizados.
– Las personas consumen lo que promueven. De ésta manera se alienta la innovación lo cual supone el manejo de más información con la cual es posible la personalización del producto.

4. A diferencia de los persas, cuyas decisiones fundamentales eran tomadas por un rey, los griegos dejaron establecidos el símbolo de la plaza vacía como la máxima expresión de la democracia. Dado que la Web en cualquiera de sus expresiones actuales, constituye una extensión del espacio y el tiempo donde y cuando los ciudadanos pueden manifestarse. ¿Cuál sería el impacto democrático de estas tecnologías?
El impacto democrático en el mundo globalizado en el que vivimos principalmente está dado por la información en tiempo real y globalizada tanto social como políticamente, lo más relevante a este respecto es el poder que confiere el hecho mismo de poseer información, muchas veces sensible y otras se trata de información falsa. La democracia radica en tener la libertad de tomar decisiones en base a los conocimientos y la información que se tiene, los medios ejercen una profunda influencia en la vida de los ciudadanos, esta información debe ser imparcial y objetiva, de ahí a que en sociedades bajo un modelo dictatorial, la información sea distorsionada y por lo tanto sea nociva para el ciudadano, es impensable la participación sin el conocimiento de los problemas políticos actuales, lo cual puede ser muy nocivo tanto para el sistema político como para el social, debido a que la buena salud democrática depende mucho del comportamiento de los medios de información y comunicación.

1.0. Introduction

This chapter looks at the background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives, research questions, statements of hypothesis, assumptions, definition of terms, delimitation and limitation of the study, and summary.

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1.1. Background of the study

Over a few years, job stress is a worldwide problem and increasing steadily in the U.S. and other nations where the industry is growing rapidly. Poor salary packages, long working hours, mistreatment of supervisors with employees, are the major causes of creating stress in employees. Job stress produces large number of undesirable effects for both individual and organization. The incidents of hyper tension and heart attacks are the severe problems related to stress. India, Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey and other eastern European countries are the emerging countries in which stress is rapidly growing. Job stress affects not only the employees’ but also the organizations in the monetary and non-monetary costs. These costs are used to recover the work and health related injuries. Monetary cost is used to recover the health of employees and lower productivity and absenteeism of employees’ is recovered by non-monetary costs.

Employees’ in health sector spend most of their time at work, that’s why they are directly targeted by stress; due to this their productivity at workplace decreases greatly. Now the days, stress is considered as an important factor, which is rapidly increasing the absenteeism rate of employers and employees. This situation of stress can also be argued as a powerful condition where the apparent outcome and the preferred outcome both are equally important and unknown at same time.

However, researchers have carefully observed stress, and have figured out that the condition of stress or the single term ‘stress’ can either excite pressure or may create tension which in turn might be damaging. If the condition of stress is totally unpleasant, it may turn into negativity and may throw a negative crash on the person; this situation is commonly termed as distressed. When the stress is discussed especially with respect to production or manufacturing, it will directly affect the production of work directly resulting in low amount of output for the company. According to a survey made by Smith, Segal and Jaffe (2007) when the stress, depression or anxiety is associated with work, then there will be 13.5 million losses of working days, this is according to a self-report survey by labor force in India. This finds a fact that it is necessary for a manager to manage the welfare of employees directly and ensure that there is continuous workflow without any kind of sick leave or absenteeism levels on chart.

In their observations, Tanova and Holtom (2008) found that in large number of meta-analysis which can determine the reasons of employee turnover and employee attritions and found universal agreement could be reached about the determinants of the both as work stress. It has been discovered, though generally, that employee attitude and their job satisfaction alone cannot explain the reasons of employee’s stress. In their study two types of stress results have been referred to, one is physical stress and the other is mental. It is assumed by the author that a rational employee who remains affected by the external factors comes under the ‘stress’; whereas voluntary poor behavior of the employee that encompasses attributable factors like poor organizational commitment, lack of motivation, less job satisfaction and low job involvement come under the category of extreme stress position.

Cimas is a health care provider in Zimbabwe dealing with high absenteeism, late coming to work, high sick leave uptake, alcohol addictiveness, persistence visits to Medical Doctors and moody behavior.
In companies such as Cimas, the work force is large, and here the organization gives much concern to service quality. In addition, the employees should take care and closely have a look at their absenteeism levels. If it is observed that absenteeism percent is too high, it implies that it is somewhere associated with stress condition. It is one of the important aspects for a company as the output and productivity levels play a vital role to check the stress level of employees, as these create non-productivity and inefficiency. This will be a not-so-good situation for the company as well as the employees too.
Therefore, every company no matter the size can be seriously affected by stress issues. Leading companies like Cimas who have good value related with quality service having good behavior and ethics should find methods and perform whatever is possible through management side and prevent stress situation.

Furthermore, they should even see that the absenteeism levels are low as possible, otherwise it becomes big issues as more the stress, the more will be the absenteeism, which in turn will cause low self-esteem in employees thereby affecting the employee productivity and of course the needed outcome too. One can find stress factors in several issues and areas that help the company to develop through various kinds of sectors. The impact levels of stress will depend on several factors, the two main are personal and psychology characteristics of an individual. Each company makes use its own stress management program according to its convenience. Nevertheless, the research is more apparent about stress management in health care service providers like Cimas. Hence, one need to review stress factor carefully associated with the company and should put in different methods to manage stress of the employees.

Against this background this study seeks to explore the link between work stresses to employee productivity in Zimbabwe.

1.2. Statement of the problem

Despite the existence of a worker welfare policies at Cimas, employees continue to show signs of fatigue and excessive stress. Could such stress negatively impact on worker productivity? This study seeks to establish the effect of work stress on employee productivity.

1.3. Purpose of the study

The main purpose of this study is to identify the effects of the worker stress on the job performance. Other than that, this study also will find out the relationship between worker stress and job performance. Thus, the results of this study will benefit the manufacturers, workers, prospective employees and the future researchers. This study is significant because it will provide the indispensable fact about effects of worker stress to the job performance in health care sector.
This study will serve as the basis for plans of action by health care providers to manage worker stress so as not to affect job performance. Among the persons who will be directly or indirectly involved are Cimas management, workers, potential workers and the future researchers.

The finding by this research not only benefit Cimas management but also the entire health care sector as it will create a milieu of the important to manage of worker stress. May be with the availability this study, they can improve employees’ management system in the health care sector.

Other than that, this study also involved workers and prospective employees. Workers in health care, including the future workers will have a better understanding of the effects of worker stress on their job performance. It can help them to manage the stress to not interfere with the job performance and life. It can also be used as preparation for potential employees to face some stressful situations at work.
In addition, this study will serve as a theoretical model for the future studies in the same nature. Future researchers will benefit from this study, and it will provide the facts needed to compare their study during their respective time and usability.

1.4. Objectives

The objectives in this research were;
1.4.1 To establish worker stress level at Cimas.
1.4.2 To determine worker productivity level at Cimas.
1.4.3 To relate the relationship between work stress and employee productivity
1.4.4 To make recommendations on eliminating work stress.

1.5. Research questions

1.5.1 What is the level of employee stress level at Cimas?
1.5.2 What is the level of employee productivity at Cimas?
1.5.3 What is the relationship between work stress and employee productivity?
1.5.4 What are the recommendations on eliminating work stress?

1.6. Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis (H0)
There is no significance correlation between work stress and job performance.

Alternative Hypothesis (H1)
There is significance correlation between work stress and job performance.

1.7. Assumptions

The assumptions made in this research were;
• All information needed by the researcher was made available to him from the Society upon request.
• All selected audiences responded reasonably well and frankly answered asked questions with an open mind, and responses they gave were accurate during requirements gathering.
• The selected sample represented the whole organization of Cimas and its environment.
• Ample time was given to the researcher to write and present the report to the University.
• There are policies to deal with employee stress at Cimas.
• There are issues causing employee stress at Cimas.

1.8. Definition of key terms

Employee stress: the interaction between the person and the sources of stress within their workplace, it become stress when demand exceeds from resources (Long, 2013).

Workplace performance: The abilities and performance of individuals connected with an organization (Hunter & Thatcher, 2007).



Employee Engagement

1.9. Delimitations

The study looked at the relationship between work stress and employee productivity of the Cimas Healthcare Division for the period of 1 February 2018 to 30 August 2018.

1.10. Limitations

• Workers will not cooperate in providing information as the subject is sensitivity. To mitigate this the research will seek help from the human resources unit to explain to employees the significance of the study.
• It will be difficulty to identify workers who are suffering from work stress. To get around this limitation the researcher will get information from section supervisors on underperforming employees and then check if such workers are affected by work stress.

1.11. Summary

This chapter discussed the background to the research problem, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives, research questions and hypothesis of the study. It also explained the assumptions, definition of terms, delimitations and limitations of the study. Chapter II will therefore focus on related literature reviews.

Contrast individual qualities and standards and the standards of help for working in wellbeing and social consideration.

I am doing my caring job in health and social consideration and getting treatment is the privilege of each person. I am accessible with the end goal to render satisfactory dimension of help to the administration clients with the end goal to get the best possible help. As a specialist organization it is my duty to deal with the administration clients. Amid the treatment of Janet in need to keep up the privacy and correspondence as it is essential while going to various administration clients. Each individual has a privilege to get the equivalent treatment at wellbeing and social consideration. With the assistance of the secrecy and security factor there is successful upgrade in the dimension of trust and confidence among the administration clients
In health and social consideration situation it is inclination the standards of help alongside need to pursue their own qualities and standards. My own qualities and morals demonstrate my good in setting that how might I treat other individuals whether they are staff individuals or administration clients. In the above situation Janet is rationally sick because of the unreasonable utilization of medications that outcomes into physical and verbal maltreatment towards their family and it may be conceivable now it will occur with me as I am the administration give at social insurance home. According to my poise I am not ready to hear harsh words or get physically manhandled however she is rationally sick I have to deal with this circumstance and needs to help them in getting defeat from it.

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As a caring worker in human services home it is my obligation to deal with Janet and ensure that she is getting legitimate consideration. I have to ensure that legitimate treatment is given to the Janet on the grounds that being a help specialist I need to deal with her and it is in my standard work to play out every one of these exercises. I am additionally mindful to render physical help in the event that she can’t play out the recommend exercises, for example, manual treatment of patients and furthermore make utilization of the distinctive hardware with the end goal to help the patients. According to my way of life I have to treat each individual similarly and didn’t attempt to make any sort of separation among them in light of the fact that there are different components that can be followed with the end goal to make segregation, for example, race, religion, sex, age and pay gathering. According to my very own experience I become more acquainted with that getting legitimate treatment is the privilege of each person and as a social insurance specialist organization I have to render them level with treatment. This demonstrates my high good and it additionally causes me in rendering successful consideration administrations to the clients.
According to my very own experience I become acquainted with that there is powerful necessity of building sufficient dimension of correspondence among the administration client and different experts so benefit client get satisfactory dimension of treatment. Proficient get profound data and current circumstance identified with the patients that help in rendering satisfactory dimension of treatment to fix their issues and issues
Any advancement or changes successful impact the related exercises. Government present “The Care Act 2014” that adequately impacts the exercises of the wellbeing and social consideration area. This demonstration roll out powerful improvements in their handling as the administration clients get successful advantages, for example, they offer against the board choice over the qualification criteria of getting the assets.

According to the demonstration benefit rendered by the health and social care additionally get managed by the Human Rights Act with the end goal to defend the enthusiasm of the administration clients as they are getting legitimate treatment administrations or not.
Alongside this there are part many act get presented, for example, “The carers and disabled act 2000”, “the disabled person act 1986” and a demonstration with the end goal to give select rights to the carers, for example, “The Carers (Recognition and Service) Act 1995 and some more.
Alongside these demonstration there are viable progression is made in the innovation segment that additionally impacts the handling of the specialist co-ops. With the improvement in innovation they have to keep up legitimate record of their exercises, render their workers successful preparing and advancement programs with the end goal to make utilization of the most recent types of gear.

With the impact of these progressions and improvement there is powerful changes is noted down among the representatives execution. As they have to upgrade or enhance their working, checking and controlling their exercises. They have to enhance the dimension of administration rendered to benefit clients according to the demonstrations and enactments actualized.

it is clearly an incredible open door for me to work with such a significant number of expert staff what can truly improved me in each gathering while we are as one at administration client prosperity kept up by deciphering and offering clarification to the customer. So in the event that I check just a single gathering amid a few days ago attendant is there and I am there at administration client house in where Health guest is attempting to give some exhortation to customer what to improve the situation infant advancement and development. The aggregate she disclosed to me then I disclosed to the customer in my own dialect which is extremely viable learning for me and that makes me feel that I am sure to give this support of any customer who Bengali talking. Each caring employee is adding to his/her association or organization by performing inside a group. So close to home commitments can alter the whole group with whom we work in wellbeing and social consideration part. Presently I am bringing up some of them in underneath:-

• Personal esteems and encounters are critical. This nature of qualities and standards choose the disposition of a man towards the other colleagues. Intrigue and leisure activities of the individual can make a well disposed condition in group.

• Culture and past of the individual additionally shapes the earth in group. Training, family and childhood of the individual get reflected in the group execution. Training can shapes a man in an upper way.
• By educating or advising the data to other can make a proficient people among the group that implies a skilful staff cooperating.

• Helping tendency inside the associates can help us with making exceptional gathering to get the best results. Say for example if helping inclination inside the colleagues can assist us with making incredible group to get the best outcomes. Say for instance if any of us confronting an issue then we can approach to help him who could be adding to the group.

Over this I can solidly say that self expectation control is an essential way to pick up the required information for the everyday living. Which I get loads of data from those expert who are for the most part drawn face to face for that activity by getting some information about any medical problems, similar to physiotherapist when he disclosed something to me for the customer say for instance body extending procedure to limit the muscle torment, back agony, knee et cetera. I get this data at the primary scene meaning I picked up this information for myself and which I could apply for my situation. At that point later again I disclosed to the administration client whom nearly I got into my heart without going further any formal preparing. This is the manner by which I develop learning and abilities in my day by day exercises. Moreover I can state I need to ensure all the essential administration is given to my customer despite the fact that I am not fundamental expert individual but rather from social specialist perspective I can’t deny my obligation to the customer of my activity job which I have as same as other expert.


I will clear this point with case of secrecy matter while I am with attendant or specialists translating and there is a type of individual data may I have gone from the patients. So I am attempting my best to associate them best conceivable way nothing out of calling is entirely illegal. Precedent one of the my customer was revealing to her story to me amid one event however which isn’t my issue to include with it with no sort of power as My job is advising their restorative treatment to specialists, aside from this I am not going further except if it is crisis life risk. No one but specialists can access to patients data, individual history from PC. Yet, some other staff like mediator, medical attendants, and other administrator staff can’t access to them information. Give us a chance to assume if there should be an occurrence of crisis we require the data about the patient which is extremely critical. His life relies on that data about the restorative methodology. So there is no main restorative officer accessible in the site. It might make aggravation in the healing centre and among the colleagues. We have to call the officer and endeavour to get the data and it will require investment that can influence our activity jobs. Patients will lose their certainty among specialists and medical caretakers. Breaking points on work the work job can make reliance on one another. A cleaner job won’t perform like the specialist; correspondingly specialists won’t be play like sweeper too. Consequently, every one of the representatives in association are called group. Every one ought to be devoted to their employments and obligations. They should cooperate towards the shared objective and thusly it could be outperform the restriction, and we will get the best results.

Precedent: notwithstanding this I have some other particular impediment in occupation job due to some fundamental expert individual is included. First scene, in one event I was in the GP Surgery for translating a pregnant lady to Nurse about her introduction to the world arranging yet all of a sudden she begun discussing the dejection, despondency and something like her dislikes as same as before which is the indication of one sort of restorative treatment needs to limit this psychological issue.

Another situation in translating is I can’t include in many events in one visit like I am deciphering medical problem yet there is another issue in there. The customer needs me to do translating with police as he/she have something with another person. In any case, by laws I can’t do that. What would i be able to do is to compose it in log book and answer to my line administrator in the event of life threaten or some other crisis.

So I can’t ensure the health care client is in safe zone at all and that is the reason I have to assist her with finding out or make a recommendation to specialist that there may be any mental treatment require.


We can discover a few obstructions while we working in a group. I will deal with these boundaries and assume a huge job in limiting the hindrances. To conquer the boundaries the accompanying advances could be taken by me.

? offering the trust to partners

? Maintain the straightforward correspondence with different staffs

? Focus on the group grip

? Show regard to the group

? Proper controlling of the group

? Give them opportunity to take an interest in the basic leadership (i.e. conclusion, survey and discourse)

Alongside these I can have investigate better correspondence channels which could be a major limiting approach to determine the issue. Like in the event of crisis what we ought to do? What others cure accessible? What’s more, present myself in the group and become acquainted with one another. I should know my whole colleague which could tell me every one of the partner’s quality and power, shortcoming to adjust the group. Additionally preparing likewise will be a major boosting of my working limit and limiting the boundary to get best outcome.


The aggregate adequacy of cooperation relies upon the reality of the advancement of the individual arrangement. So my viability ought to pursue:

? Sharing my perspectives with others staff

? Offer assistance to the specialist co-op and clients when required

? Explain the jobs and duties to colleagues with the assistance of the straightforward correspondence

? Show the regard to everybody by giving them moral esteem

? No segregation, zero resistance arrangement makes the great working environment and some other inspiring variable should continue concentrate to advance my insight and offer with gathering.

In summarisation of above dialog about my medicinal services ponder is a down to earth and connected essential contemporary aptitudes and information which is should be altered and refreshed by the present circumstance of the progressing improvement process. In another word we are experiencing a constant procedure of most astounding abilities about IT and some other headway of wellbeing practice devices which are directing us to be an expert in our very own field to give the best consideration to the customer independent of any impediment.


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