1. established their colony at Plymouth in 1620.


When Spaniard explorers began traveling the world, they started to destroy many of the Native American societies. Spanish leaders would conquer tribes with the help of Native American allies and more advanced weapons. Spaniards would often times marry the Native American women. Native Americans were forced into hard labor and treated poorly by the Spaniards.2.

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When a group of 150 colonists arrived to North America, they built a settlement in Virginia which they named in honor of King James I. Upon first arrival, the settlers made the unwise decisions of searching for gold and not growing food which led to many deaths during the harsh winter. Later, new settlers learned to grow resources such as Tobacco, which was in great demand back in Europe. The growth of this tobacco lead to the wealth of many farmers.

3. In hope to reform the Church of England to more closely align with their beliefs, a Puritan group, known as the Pilgrims, established their colony at Plymouth in 1620. John Winthrop wanted to create a moral society that he called “a city upon a hill” hoping all people would admire it. In this colony, men who owned land could vote. Although Leaders of the Church were not allowed to hold elective office, they were very influential in the colony.

Anyone who held different religion beliefs or questioned the authoritative views of the church leaders were forced to leave the colony.4. The Dutch colony of New Netherlands divided the English northern and southern colonies.

In desire to unite the northern and southern colonies, England took control of the New Netherland colony. Later, the Duke of York renamed the colony “New York”. 5. After buying the proprietary rights to East New Jersey, William Penn requested and received a large tract of land west of New Jersey.

William Penn was a Quaker, which is a religious group that had been often time persecuted for their religious views. Penn was discouraged by the turn of political events in England, where the king was ruling without Parliament and religious freedom was not popular. His fear is what brought him to establish his colony west of New Jersey. His colony was established on sound principal of equality, which helped with population growth.  Penn wanted to establish a home for Quakers by creating this colony he named Pennsylvania. This colony allowed freedom of worship and included an elected government. Penn created a plan for the capital city of Philadelphia.

Because Penn believed that settlers had to buy land from the Native Americans and treat them fairly, he created a court comprised of both settlers and Native American judges to resolve any disputes. Penn advertised to attract settlers to his new colony, and as a result, thousands of Germans settled in Pennsylvania.6. Both established colonies based off religious beliefs. Both destroyed many societies due to the spread of disease. Both r


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