1.Abstract: and adware and so on. Which steal


Abstract: Nowadays, there’s absolute confidence that the Internet has become an important a part of every organization, home, and even for everybody. extra than millions and millions of customers around the world use the Internet on each day basis. Recently, the Internet has become used in advertising and has enormous financial power in marketing and technology over the Internet. The primary goal of the ad is to target the advert to intentional or unintentional users. Consequently, users are vulnerable to malicious software which known as “Malware”. Malware is a software which brings threat to a computer system. Malware is classified into several forms worms, viruses, trojan horses, hijacking, logic bombs, spyware and adware and so on. Which steal protected data, delete documents or add software not approved by a user.

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This research will discuss two types of malware: spyware and adware. 2.Introduction: Before talks about spyware and adware, we need to know that threats vary by forms, sources, and degree of severity. Also, it is classified into three levels of information protection from attacks. First, is the easy level that depends on the consequences that could result from system intrusion and access to protected data, for example, access to student flags by an unauthorized party. Second is the medium level which depending on the consequences as well, but here the consequences are higher than the previous level when unauthorized access to this data can affect the lives of some people and cause them harm. For instance, access to data can cause limited financial losses to unauthorized persons.

Finally, is the complicated level. The consequences are at such a high level that such leaks sometimes kill people and therefore need high protection against unauthorized access. For example, access to patient data in the hospital, and deliberately change the type of disease, which entails that the doctor to treat the patient because the name of the disease is suffered by the patient and therefore may cause the wrong treatment of the patient’s death! ranging from easy, medium to complicated threats.

These attacks target several fundamental aims which should be characterized by any safe system. Scientists named three important part of information security that called CIA triad. Figure 1. CIA triad.1. Integrity, which means guarding against improper information modification or destruction, and includes ensuring information nonrepudiation, accuracy, and authenticity;2. Confidentiality, which means preserving authorized restrictions on access and disclosure, including a means for protecting personal privacy and proprietary information; and3.

Availability, which means ensuring prompt and reliable access to, and use of, information.3.Background:In recent years, there are certain types of malware, known as spyware and adware there are most widespread threats on the Internet, secretly infecting user computer without permission to start a variety of illegal activities.

These programs are created by manufacturers with professional developers instead of amateur virus writers. Spyware gets on a user’s computer while browses the Internet or by recording keystrokes. Which leads to slow down the Internet and create some of the sudden changes in the system due to many pop-up ads and their background behavior.

At worst, this can lead to the need to reload the system software. If the computer affected by spyware or adware all the user’s credit card, bank account and other personal data which are registered can be stolen. So, we should know what are spyware and adware? how to get them, how to prevent them and get rid of them.


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