0000Use left hand side of the room is

0000Use Office EquipmentP1)right341777497014553975382397053975172339040640Printer/MFD/Scanner – Telephone – Laminator – Computer 2952750133985014351001365255316327024500right134324Paper/envelopes – Plates/ID Badges – RollerIn our office there are quite a few pieces of equipment for example my computer is located at the top right of the room and my telephone is the next to it. The paper and envelopes are located to the right of my desk and is used for filing up the printer/MFD when it’s ran out of paper. The MFD is located to left as I come into the room and next to the MFD is the roller that is situated for the making of plates.

Situated close to the roller and on the left hand side of the room is a computer and printer that is used as the till and for making plates. The laminator is located on the left centre of the room and is used for the making of ID badges. The resources for plates and ID badges is located at the roller and is contained in a filing cabinet. This cabinets holds blank plates and the protective covers and for ID badges the templates, stickers, clips and protective covers for them. K;U A: The make of my computer is DELL and the model is the HP Compaq and is used for everyday tasks on my computer for example updating the system, doing the daily remittance, receiving and sending emails, checking if cars have passed there hackney and doing my SVQ work. Plus the computer on the left hand side of the room is used for the till and making plates. Next to my computer is my telephone and the make of it is Interquartz and the model is the IQ10, I use my telephone to make and receive phone calls.

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Next up is the laminator and the make of this is Fellowes and the model of it is the Saturn 125 and this is used in the making of ID badges as this laminates the protective cover over the ID to stop it from getting damaged. Another piece of equipment I use is the roller and this is made by Roli Poli and is used in the making of plates to secure the protective coat on to it. The make of the MFD is Canon and the model of it is the imageRUNNER advance and this is used for a whole host of things like printing, copying, faxing, scanning and sending files this machine is very helpful in the workplace. The printer used for plates is made by Xerox and the model is the phaser 6600 and this is used for printing off plates, printing off ID badges and for printing out the cashing up for the day to day intake. K;U B: Locating and selecting the piece of equipment that I need to use for a task is easy in my office as each piece of equipment performs a specific task and the equipment is very close to me therefore easy to identify for the specific task. For example if a customer comes in with their ID badge and letter then I instantly know that there in for a new badge and therefore know that the laminator will be used so I’ll turn it on straight away for it to warm up and ready to laminate the protective cover.

Also if certain paper is needed for a print like a hackney test then I would see if it’s passed or failed on my computer because a pass gets two sheets of pink paper while a fail gets a sheet of blue paper then it would be inserted into the MFD and then the print can proceed.


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