• situation for initial response and appropriate

• Place the interests of the service users first
• Check your agency’s policy where available
• Assess the situation for initial response and appropriate intervention
• Ask yourself: is it urgent or non-urgent?
• Investigate and gather all relevant facts
• Consider all possible intervention strategies to stop abuse – from supportive to restrictive
• Consider positive and negative outcomes of all intervention strategies
• Respect confidentiality and understand its limitations o Inform the older person of your concerns
• Inform the service users of their right to an independent advocate of choice (example ARAS)
• Inform the service users of your duty of care and obligations towards them in your settling
• Establish the wishes and mental capacity of the service users to make decisions and/or to self advocate
• Encourage and assist the older person to make their own decisions if they have mental capacity. Refer to duty of care and consent to act sections.
• Focus intervention strategies on what the older person wants
• Record actions to be undertaken by care staff in the older person’s care plan.
• Complete any documentation required under the organisation’s policy
• Provide support to the care staff involved in implementing any action plans

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