• and method for integrating theories from

• Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
o This stage prepared me as a new graduate to formulate a way and method for integrating theories from liberal education into the nursing practice. Through a wide range of skills that were learned throughout the years I will be able to assess the modes of application of theories and concepts. Communication is a key factor in this stage because it allows to create a channel between colleagues and patients.
• Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care
o The nursing profession depends on safety and quality of care, as a new graduate I am required to promote factors that create a culture of care and safety. Safety of patients is a top priority and can be achieved by keeping track of model designs, outcomes of care and level of quality.
• Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice
o This third step baccalaureate essentials prepared me to understand the connection and relationship between research, theory and practice. It will require me as a new graduate to advocate for the protection of human subjects if they are to be involved in any stage of the research while using judgment in the clinical setting. This allows the implementation of reliable models for the evaluation of care in the nursing field.
• Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology
o Since technology is constantly changing, nurses are obligated to keep up with new advances. As a new graduate I am responsible learning improvements because technology provides a higher level of sophistication.
• Health care Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments
o Since health care policies directly influence the practice of nursing it is imperative to work together hand by hand. As a future nurse I will have a solid understanding of how patient care services are organized and how reimbursement is used. It is important to pay special attention is those vulnerable groups by promoting social justice.
• Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Health Outcomes
o To explain this point, I will use one of my favorite quotes in life “Run by yourself and you will get there first, but run together, as a team and you will get farther.” Basically, effective communication and collaboration among team members is imperative to provide adequate patient-centered care.
• Clinical Prevention and Population Health
o As a new graduate I need to ensure the prevention of diseases and injuries while promoting health in every single patient. This concept is necessary to improve the health of the population while minimizing health consequences of emergencies. For example, I will be responsible of promoting immunizations, screenings, and teachings in order to improve health.
• Professionalism and Professional Values
o Appropriate professional values allows me to provide care to diverse populations and facilitates effective mode of relationship between patients and their families. This point is an important step that is necessary to be implemented in the clinical field because it provides a standard of morality, ethics and legal conduct.
• Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
o When I graduate I will be prepared to practice with patients including their families and support groups while understanding and respecting their values and believes. I will be able to provide care in and across all environments.


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