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Queen Mary is the transatlantic ocean liner, which was manufactured in Glasgow and was launched in 1934. In order to project such a great liner the manufacturer created 22 models of the liner which were 5 metres long each.

The creation of the liner started in 1930 and the total cost of the ship was 4 million pounds sterling. A bit less than four years required John Brown & Company to build the liner and launch it in 1934. Extra two years were required for the organization of the interior of the liner and creation of the extra services, like restaurants, cabins, etc. In 1936 was the maiden voyage of Queen Mary with 1849 passengers on board. The passengers were astonished by the size, luxury and beauty of the liner, because it was probably the most expensive and well-designed ship of that time.

In comparison with the bigger French liner Normandie, Queen Mary had more space for passengers and included 2139 passengers. The proud of John Brown & Company was the major dinner hall, an enormous hall which was equal to the royal halls. The most expensive types of wood, velvet, silk and other materials were used for the decoration of the hall; the walls and the ceiling were decorated with pictures and tapestry.

Queen Mary

Queen Mary was not only the most beautiful but the fastest transatlantic liner, which received the certificate of the highest speed defeating Normandie.

The liner also took the active part in World War 2 and in 1968 it made its last voyage.

Today Queen Mary is a reconstructed museum, restaurant, hotel and simply an object of sightseeing which reminds the humanity about the masterpieces of shipbuilding.

Queen Mary is the example of the British naval pre-war power and the student is able to observe the history of creation, use and function of the liner, its strong and weak sides, compare it to its contemporaries and observe the issue form the unique approach. The student can brainstorm the set of points and questions related with Queen Mary in order to find the reliable answers to them. The young professional should rely on the worthy sources and methods of the research in order to succeed on the writing about the famous transatlantic liner.

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